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Undoubtedly, the Apple iPhone is one of the best cell phones in the world. The A15 Bionic chip makes the iPhone 14 series the best iPhone ever. Were you attracted by its performance and bought one? Perhaps you’ve been using it for a while. During the setup process, you can rely on Quick Start or Move to iOS to transfer data from your old iPhone or Android phone to your new device.

Why Need iPhone Transfer Software?

Apple makes it easy to switch from an old device to a new iPhone. However, it’s not easy to transfer iPhones after the setup. When it comes to iPhone data transfer, you may think of iTunes or iCloud, the official tool Apple provides. However, these two tools are far from perfect. iTunes only supports PC-to-iPhone transfer, which will erase the existing data on iPhone. iCloud can sync data between devices using the same Apple ID. What if you want to share files with others? iPhone transfer software is a better choice for easily transferring data across devices.  

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What’s The Best iPhone Transfer Software?

iPhone and Windows don’t play together, so you cannot transfer files via drag and drop. In addition, it’s not that easy to share non-purchased items with friends. If you always want to put your data in the right place, then you can try FoneTool.

FoneTool is a professional iOS data management tool for Windows users. This tool supports data transfer between an iPhone and a computer and between an iPhone and another iPhone/iPad. It can help you transfer all content at once or only select files according to your situation. Next, let’s see what you can do with this iPhone transfer software.

Key Features of FoneTool

In short, FoneTool can help you transfer data from iPhone to PC, from PC to iPhone, and from iPhone to iPhone via cable. In addition, it also has one mobile app that can help you transfer data between two iPhones wirelessly.

iPhone to PC transfer

FoneTool can transfer photos, videos, songs, and contacts from iPhone to PC. You can easily find the file you need to transfer in the category. For example, if you want to transfer music from iPhone to PC, you can choose Music and choose one album to find the songs.

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PC to iPhone transfer

iTunes does help you transfer data from PC to iPhone. However, it will erase the existing data on the device, as it is transferred by synchronization. Unlike iTunes, FoneTool will do no harm to the existing data on the iPhone, and it will only put the data you choose on the iPhone. You can drag and drop files to FoneTool to achieve the transfer.

For example, if you want to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone, you can click the Music tab to add the songs you need and then click Start Transfer.


Note: FoneTool also supports data transfer between iPhone and USB flash drive/external hard drive. If you want to transfer pictures from an iPhone to a flash drive, plug in your flash drive and set it as the destination.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

FoneTool supports data transfer between iPhone and computer; you can use this advantage to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. First export data from the source iPhone to the computer and then transfer data to the target iPhone. In addition, you can rely on FoneTool to transfer music from one Apple ID to another, which means you can easily transfer purchased music with others.

Transfer Everything To The New iPhone

If you want to quickly transfer everything from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, then FoneTool is also a good choice.

If your old iPhone runs iOS 12.4 or a later version, you can utilize Quick Start to transfer data. However, Quick Start requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to work. If the Wi-Fi is poor, you can rely on FoneTool to help you transfer data with the USB cable.


FoneTool for iOS 

You can use FoneTool for iOS to wirelessly transfer data from iPhone to iPhone when you’re outside. FoneTool for iOS is one app that can be downloaded from the App Store. It works similarly to AirDrop but can better satisfy your needs.

AirDrop can only transfer one contact at a time while FoneTool for iOS can transfer multiple contacts; AirDrop will only share the song link while FoneTool will transfer the song file.


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