BEST VPN FOR TORRENTING || VPN is such an important thing while using any torrent site. It helps in hiding your original IP and prevents leaking of your DNS(domain name server). It’s an important thing in the modern world. It’s all about privacy, privacy is everything for the users. If you can’t hide your identity on the internet then you’re not safe anymore from the Dark Criminals who collects all your data online. Many cyber criminals collect the data of people and sell that data for profit. Billions of people are connected to the internet in today’s world and many cyber criminals spies on those internet users.


Why use a VPN?

You must use a VPN while using any torrent site because the stuff you surf or download through torrent, is illegal. You can be in jail or can have a fine of a high amount or both. The stuff posted on torrent sites is illegal and 100% copyrighted content. You download that stuff illegally through the third party server instead of purchasing from the officials. You can’t imagine how big the risk you’re taking while using the torrents.

But there’s a way to use torrent websites safely without any risk of being caught. VPN is the key to that security. VPN changes your original IP address and change it with a random IP address of any country you choose. It helps you in surfing the stuff anonymously without being in the range of the government and other criminal hackers who spy on you. VPN also protects you from leaking your DNS. It is also the main thing about your anonymity.

Use a VPN every time…

Use VPN every time while you access torrent sites and download movies, games and whatever the stuff you need. Not even while using torrents, use VPN while surfing the internet. It prevents you from the Government and other criminals that spy on you and notice each of your searches and other activities on the internet.

Which VPN should I use for great Anonymity?

Yes, you have asked the right question. This is the most asked question from the beginners. They are confused about which VPN to use for full anonymity? Don’t worry, we have mentioned all the VPNs that are good for your anonymity. Some VPN are paid and some are free VPN. But only these VPN are the best and take your anonymity seriously. So, choose wise things for your privacy. Privacy is everything in today’s world.

You can also choose VPN according to your own choice but make sure that the VPN you’ve chosen is out of range of the 5Eyes, 9Eyes, and the 14Eyes groups.

What are 5Eyes, 9Eyes, and 14Eyes Groups?

You guys might be wondering that what are these groups? What are their purposes? Well, let us explain to you guys that these groups are controlling the world secretly and violating the privacy of innocent citizens. They spy on every citizen and record their activities, record whatever the stuff we watch on the internet. They can access your every information without your knowledge. We’re not gonna discuss about it more because it’s a very long topic. We just told you about their work. We will write shortly in full explanation about these groups.


It’s the time we must talk about the VPN that take your anonymity seriously on the internet. These VPNs are beyond the service of the 5Eyes, 9Eyes, and the 14Eyes. While using the internet, privacy is everything. Don’t let the government and other cybercriminals track each of your activities. Hide yourself and surf the internet anonymously. kaspersky internet security 2018 crack

best vpn for torrenting

1. Express VPN: The Best VPN for Torrents

There’s no doubt that this VPN is one of the best VPN in the world. This the VPN that takes your anonymity very seriously and protects you from being tracked online. This is a premium VPN that gives you a trial of 7 days. You can have full access to all its services free for 7 days. After 7 days, you have to pay if you want to use their service.

Based inThe British Virgin Islands
LogsNo logs
Support24/7 Live chat
Refund30 days

It’s the best VPN for using any torrent website. Its P2P server provides you the good speed to download the content at better speed. It means that you will have a better internet speed even after using the VPN. Yes, after connecting to the VPN, your internet speed slows. You might face some issues on the internet but with Express VPN, you will not have to face this type of problem. It has a special server known as P2P Server. In this server, you don’t have to face any kind of slow internet issue.

This VPN is fully secure for torrenting. It prevents the user’s DNS from being leaked. Also, it’s faster than the other VPNs because of its P2P server. Its P2P server is used for surfing the internet in high speed. Not every VPN has this server. This server is only in the special type of VPNs like Express VPN.


ExpressVPN gives you a trial of 7 days. In this trial period, you can use all their servers for free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for the next 7 days during the trial. After the trial, your premium membership will begin. But you don’t have to worry, they won’t charge until you want to purchase the premium plan. They will charge you if you wish to proceed next. Otherwise, they will not charge any amount from you.


+ Pros 

  • Provides you full anonymity. 
  • Easy to use.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee. 
  • Works perfectly with Netflix service.
  • It provides you 24/7 live support. 
  • Available for all Operating Systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux 

– Cons

  • It is an expensive VPN but provides you really strong security.

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best vpn for torrenting

2. Nord VPN: The Best and Cheap VPN for torrenting

Nord VPN is one of the best VPN for torrents after Express VPN. It provides you full anonymity with its secure servers. The best thing about this VPN is, it provides you full anonymity at a very cheap price. Its subscription is very cheap that anyone can afford.

It also has the P2P server which provides you fast internet connection even after connecting to any of its servers. This is an amazing feature of this VPN. Everybody wants to have a good internet connection even after connecting to VPN and fortunately, Nord VPN provides you this service very well.

You will not find this kind of deal in any other VPN service. This VPN offers you full anonymity with a fast internet connection with its P2P server at a very cheap amount. This VPN is beyond the service of the 5Eyes, 9Eyes, and the 14Eyes group. It doesn’t belong to them. It provides you its best service regardless of these surveillance groups.

Based inPanama
LogsNo logs
Support24/7 Live chat
Refund30 days

Cheap and best Anonymity

Cheap and best anonymity provider this VPN is famous in the whole world. Experts recommend it for accessing even the dark web. Whenever you will search on Google “How To Access DarkWeb?”, you will see written, “First, you need to have a premium account of Nord VPN.”
You can imagine from here that how strong this VPN is? This VPN is legit among all other fake VPNs. You will never be disappointed if you use this VPN.


Yes, Nord VPN gives you trial for 30 days. This is the Risk-Free trial of Nord VPN. They won’t charge you until your trial period. They will charge only after the trial when your premium service will begin. This is an amazing thing for such VPN services.

Nord VPN used to give 7 days trial before but now they have changed their policies. They give 30 days trial but only on one condition, if you’re purchasing the 3 years plan. This plan is in a limited offer.


+ Pros

  • This is a secure and fastest VPN. 
  • It’s valuable for your budget.
  • P2P server, Tor VPN server.
  • 24/7 costumer support provider.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available for all Operating Systems like Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • It works perfectly with Netflix Streaming Service.
  • This VPN provides CyberSec-ad blocking feature as well.

– Cons

  • You might have to deal with slow speed on some servers.

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3. HMA VPN: Unblock Websites with HMA

HMA is one of the best VPNs around the world. It helps you to stay in privacy and safe from the surveillance groups. HMA is a safe and secure VPN with a good speed of internet. It also offers you a P2P server which is helpful to surf the internet with a better speed without any error. Also, its subscription is cheap and provides you full anonymity on the internet.

Many VPNs leak your DNS details but this VPN never leaks your DNS details and any other type of personal information. If you want a cheap and secure VPN then you can go for this VPN. Its name HMA stans for Hide My Ass. It is a funny name but the service of this VPN ain’t funny. Its service is amazing without any complaints.

You must give this VPN a try. It has more than 150 servers in it to connect with. And every server is different than the others. It has almost every country’s server in its service. You can connect with whichever service you want. Also, it is a cheap VPN. At a low cost, it provides you the best service.

Based inUnited Kingdom
LogsYes(Not the personal logs)
Support24/7 Live chat
Refund30 days


HMA VPN provides you free trial of 7 days for testing purposes. In this trial period, you will get full access to all its servers and any other thing. After the trial period of 7 days, your premium membership will began. They won’t charge you until you wish to use their service further. It is an amazing thing. If you like this VPN then you can continue with the paid membership and in case if you don’t like then you can cancel your account by going to the “My Account” option. It is very simple and less complicated for you.


+ Pros

  • It is a secure and fast VPN.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap and with full anonymity.
  • Available for all Operating Systems like Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • 150+ servers and almost all countries are available.
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee.
  • Besides the Operating Systems, you can even run it on the routers as well. 
  • Available in more than 40 countries. 

– Cons

  • You might feel some internet issues on some servers. This is because sometimes a few servers are most used at one time. 

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anonymity for torrent websites

4. Windscribe VPN: A Free VPN and AdBlocker

The other best VPN comes here name as Windscribe VPN. It is available in both free and paid versions. But trust us that this is also the best VPN that you can use for any purpose. For torrenting or surfing any other stuff, you can use Windscribe VPN without thinking twice. This VPN has a vast number of servers in it that you can’t imagine. This VPN comes with full security and anonymity that you can use to protect yourself from the Government and the other cybercriminals who notice all your activities.

Privacy is such an important thing for anyone and this type of VPNs do an amazing job to protect the people from being tracked online. You must give this a try, you will then realize that how secure you’re after using this VPN.

VPNWindscribe VPN
Based inCanada
LogsNo Logs
Refund30 days

This VPN offers 10GB per month in Free Plan. It means you can’t use this after you’ve crossed your limit of 10GB on its servers. If you wish to use this more than that then you have to take its premium subscription.


This question might be running in your mind. Yes, it’s common. You guys might be thinking that if it provides free service then why to use paid service? Well, let us explain that in the free service, you will have a limited amount of usage i.e. 10GB/MONTH. And also you will have a limited number of servers to connect with. The speed of the internet will be slow in free service. That’s really sad.

But in the paid service, you will have unlimited usage of Windscribe with access to all its servers. Also, the speed of the internet will be faster than the free service. That’s the difference b/w free and paid service of this VPN. We hope that you’ve understood very well.


+ Pros

  • Fastest and secure VPN.
  • P2P servers are available.
  • You can have fast internet speed in the paid service. 
  • Available for all Operating Systems like Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • You can use this VPN free for a lifetime. 
  • You can use it unlimited, there will be no limit. (Only in Paid service.)

– Cons

  • You will have a limited number of servers in the free service.
  • Speed of the internet will be slow in the free version. 
  • The amount of data that you can spend using the free service, will be 10GB. 

Windscribe VPN: Upgrade to Pro Plan

perfect privacy for torrents

5. Perfect-Privacy VPN: Secure and fast for torrenting

Perfect-Privacy is the another best VPN for protecting you while using torrents. It prevents your DNS from being exposed online and secures you from the spies. This VPN is tested by professionals and recommended as the safest VPN to hide your original IP address and DNS from being leaked online. You can name it as a leak-proof VPN because it saves your information from being leaked on the internet.

If you’re very serious about your online privacy then we recommend you to use this VPN. This VPN keeps no logs and make sure that your information is encrypted securely. Yes, this VPN is costly but it is great if you want to have full privacy while using torrent websites or surfing any other stuff online.

VPNPerfect-Privacy VPN
Based inSwitzerland
LogsNo Logs
SupportEmail and Forum
Refund7 days


Unfortunately, this VPN doesn’t give any trial. In order to use this, you have to get its premium service. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use this VPN. If we see an offer that’s giving any kind of free trial of this VPN or at a very low cost, we will post an article about that offer. Stay updated with us if you don’t want to lose that offer.


+ Pros

  • It is the fastest and secure VPN for your privacy. 
  • This VPN also helps you in Ad blocking, malware blocking with the feature name as TrackStop. 
  • Dedicated servers are available. 
  • Saves no logs. 
  • IPv6 support is available. 
  • Port forwarding is also available.

– Cons

  • It has a higher price than the other VPNs. 
  • This VPN doesn’t work with streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming services.

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vpn area for anonymity

6. VPNArea: Fast, Anonymous and secure VPN

If you’re looking for a cheap and secure VPN then you can go for this VPN. This VPN provides you best and secure anonymity at a very cheap price. This VPN is even cheaper than the Nord VPN and also it is the most secure VPN for your privacy. It helps you in hiding your IP address and prevent your DNS from being leaked online.

This VPN has been tested by the experts and they call it the most secure and private VPN for your anonymity. Though every VPN prevents your IP address and DNS from being leaked online. But every VPN works in its own way for hiding and preventing your DNS & IP address from being leaked online.

Based inBulgaria
LogsNo Logs
Support24/7 Live Chat
Refund30 days


Sorry, but this VPN doesn’t provide any free trial service. In order to use its service, you have to take its premium subscription. There’s no way that you can use this VPN for free.


+ Pros

  • Provides you great anonymity with a good speed of the internet. 
  • It has Ad Blocking feature as well.
  • Works perfectly with streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming services.
  • Dedicated IP servers are available. 
  • It provides you 24*7 Live Chat support.
  • VPNArea provides you 30-days money-back guarantee.

– Cons

  • It has limited numbers of servers that work on Streaming services but all work very well.

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privacy while using internet

7. Secure, Fast and Reliable VPN service

Need better privacy & anonymity with cheap price? Then you should go with This VPN provides you relevant security and anonymity on the internet. Also, its price is very cheap that you can afford if you’re serious regarding your internet privacy. It is a secure, faster VPN service and available in 20+ countries.

This VPN has been tested by experts and declared as a secure VPN. It is a security-focused VPN. It helps people in preventing the leaking of their data like IP address and DNS online. These are such important things while surfing the internet. Your all information can be retrieved within seconds with the use of your IP address and DNS. You can’t imagine how important these things are while you’re scrolling a website, reading an article or doing whatever the stuff you surf on the internet.
Based inRomania
LogsConnection Logs
Refund7 days

The main purpose of this VPN is just to give privacy and anonymity to its users. This VPN also blocks the malware websites and advertisements that you see while opening any website. FREE TRIAL…

Yes, this VPN gives you a free trial of 2 days but only on one condition. They will charge $2 for 2 days free trial and the connection limit of maximum devices will be 3 instead of 6. We know this sounds weird to you but this is the rule of



+ Pros

  • Best, secure and better for anonymity.
  • Provides better speed of the internet when connected with any of its servers.
  • Double-VPN server configuration. 
  • Available for all Operating Systems like Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

– Cons

  • This VPN stores minimal connection logs but erases them daily. 62% off best offer deal

Why only these VPNs?

A question in you guys’ mind would be going on that why we have chosen only these VPNs for using the torrent sites and surfing other stuff on the internet anonymously? Well, this is an amazing question. We have chosen only these VPNs because these VPNs are safe and secure. These are the only VPNs that take your privacy very seriously on the internet. Otherwise, maximum VPNs nowadays leak your online data. They use to say that “They are safe and secure” but in reality, they are the biggest privacy violators.

You think that your VPN is protecting you from being tracked but in actual, your VPN itself is spying on you. It is recording all your activities including what kind of things you’re watching on the internet, what kind of search you’re doing and whatever the stuff you do by using that VPN. That’s why we have mentioned some VPNs that are best for your online privacy. These VPNs don’t leak your personal information like your IP address and DNS and don’t record your activities on the internet.

How torrenting without a VPN can harm you?

If you guys use torrent websites without using a VPN then you must pay attention here that it can cost you very badly. You’re unaware of the Government that tracks every of your activities online. If you’re using torrent websites without a VPN, you’re actually making a trap for yourself that you don’t even know how to get out from it. Whatever the stuff you visit and download from the torrent websites, is 100% illegal and copyrighted content. You guys may know that how badly you can be fined if you download copyright content illegally.

Different torrent charges in different Countries

Many countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia and many more are taking legal actions against torrenting. They are tracking and spying on every citizen to check whether they’re not using any torrents to download the copyright stuff illegally.

  • The United Kingdom – In the UK, due to the Digital Economy Act 2017, Torrenting in the UK is fully illegal. You can be jailed for up to 10 years or a huge amount of fine or both fine and jail.
  • The United States –  In the US, due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), for using torrents and downloading copyright stuff from it, you can be fined up to $1M and 10 years prisoner sentence. 
  • Other Countries – There are different-different charges in other countries. You can Google for your own country’s lawsuits for torrents. There are very strict laws in other countries as well.

Charges made by Torrent Lawsuits against the people

Here is the list of some torrent users who got fined/sued for using the torrents. We hope that now you will get clearly why it is important to hide identity while using torrents?

Torrents lawsuits

Torrent Illegal Charges

Canadian Users got sued for using torrents

There is much more news that containing this type of information. You can search on Google about it, you will get a lot of information regarding the torrent lawsuits.

Is Torrenting safe with a VPN?

Yes, torrenting with a VPN is safe but only if you’re using a VPN that doesn’t save your private information and beyond the range of the 5Eyes, 9Eyes, and 14Eyes groups.

A VPN that takes your anonymity seriously provides you following services:

  • It hides your real IP address and spoof it with a random IP address of the country which you choose.
  • A good VPN prevents you from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Government, and other online criminals to track your online activities.
  • Allows you to access the websites that are banned for your original location.
  • Prevents your information from being leaked online while using torrents or streaming from unofficial websites.

Conclusion of best VPN for Torrenting

Nowadays, many people are aware of such lawsuits and using a VPN for surfing such content. But still, there are much other truths that need to be revealed. VPN is not only used for just using torrents, but it must also be used for all purposes on the internet. Your privacy has been violated by your own Government. You are being tracked by your own Government and this is full legal work because Government itself is supporting such things legally. Read the below factors to know much about how your privacy has been violated:

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has now been legally allowed by your own Government to track your every activity on the internet.
  • The Government and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now blocking every torrent websites like 1377x, The Pirate Bay, and any other Torrent websites.
  • Some websites are tracking your all activities regarding torrents and posting it online with your IP address. After this, you will be badly sentenced by the court as Jail for many years with a huge amount of fine.

We recommend you to choose a good VPN for your privacy and stay smart while using such websites which are full of copyrighted content. If you have any confusion regarding the VPN then you can comment down in the comment section about the problem. We will surely tell the solution. Or you can directly contact us on the contact us page. We will reply to you within a few hours.

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