Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch in India

Smartwatches have become a trend in the modern generation. People love to interact with their smartwatches more than their smartphones. In simple, more people rely on Bluetooth calling smartwatches than mobile phones. And the reason for that is – Smartwatch is way more portable than a smartphone.

Whether it’s the morning walk or jogging, you can quickly check for the calories you’ve burnt by tilting your wrist. This is the most significant advantage of having a smartwatch for fitness freaks. This article will discuss the best Bluetooth Calling smartwatches in India.

What is a Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch?

The Bluetooth smartwatch is a device made to complete your regular tasks straightforwardly. It’s a fact that people aren’t constantly interacting with their smartphones while working. Hence, the smartwatch will let you know if you are about to receive essential messages/calls.

Moreover, you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to check the time. The intelligent sensor of the watch will show you the time upon tilting your wrist towards your face.

List of 5 Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Here’s the list of India’s top 5 Best Bluetooth Call Smartwatches.

1. boAt Wave Connect

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
ModelWave Connect
Screen1.69″ HD Display
Battery300 mAh
Bluetooth Versionv5.1

boAt Wave Connect has Bluetooth Calling, an A.I. assistant, and Alexa features. Moreover, it supports storage for up to 20 contacts. Alexa can make your tasks even more straightforward. You only need to give commands like weather or time. Besides, you can command Alexa to make calls for you.

The H.D. Display with good battery capacity will last up to a week on standby mode. The smartwatch lets you control features like Music, Camera, Call Accept/Reject, etc.

Features of boAt Wave Connect

  • Quick dial-pad access
  • Customizable ringtones
  • IP68: splash, dust, and sweat resistant
  • 60+ Sports Modes and 100+ Cloud Faces

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2. Fire-Boltt Dynamite

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
Display1.81″ H.D. Display
Fast ChargingYes
Battery240 mAh
Bluetooth Versionv5.1

Get all your notifications, including calls, right on your wrist with Fire-boltt Dynamite. Moreover, you get the health suite with Fireboltt Dynamite which includes SpO2 monitoring, Sleep Tracking, and Heart Rate Tracking. You’ll be notified with a ping for important messages, notifications, and calls.

This smartwatch is best for swimming, exercising, and running because it’s water, dust, and sweat resistant. Also, it comes with 123 sports modes that calculate your progress per your goals.

Features of Fireboltt Dynamite

  • Bluetooth Calling & Fast Charging
  • Caller Information & Rejection
  • Low Battery & Stopwatch Reminder
  • Music & Camera Control
  • DND Mode

3. Hammer Pulse 2.0

Bluetooth Call Smartwatch
Display1.69″ H.D. Display
BatteryUp to 7 days
Built-in Speaker & MicYes
Bluetooth Versionv5.1

Hammer Pulse 2.0 smartwatch has a sleek design that will appear attractive on any wrist. Along with the design, it has a fabulous display to interact with. The smooth touch ensures the prevention of any interruption. This smartwatch will keep your body healthy by counting your Calories, Oxygen Level, and Blood Pressure Level.

Furthermore, it has an inbuilt mic and speaker that lets you talk on call without involving your mobile phone. With all such unique features, it could be your best smartwatch with Bluetooth calling feature.

Features of Hammer Pulse 2.0

  • Metallic body with changeable strap
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjust volume via touching icons (+ –) during the call
  • Music control right under your fingertips
  • Multiple watch faces with enhanced UI

4. Noise Icon Buzz Bluetooth Call Smartwatch

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
Display1.69″ LCD Display
Battery230 mAh
Bluetooth Versionv5.1

Noise Icon Buzz is another fantastic smart watch with a Bluetooth calling feature. Its compact and attractive design are two perfect things. Other outstanding features include the Step Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, Sports Modes, Distance Travelled, etc.

This smartwatch has a water-resistant rating of IP67. Moreover, it’s light-weighted. Hence, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. Connecting with the mobile phone requires iOS 8 or more and Android 4 more. It’s an impressive smartwatch with call function.

Features of Noise Icon Buzz

  • Find my phone
  • Call rejection
  • Caller Information
  • Remote Camera & Music control
  • Wake gesture
  • A.I. assistant – Siri or Google

5. Fire Boltt Talk

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
Display1.28″ 3D H.D. Display
Battery170 mAh
Bluetooth Versionv5.1

FireBoltt Talk has an impressive H.D. round display that looks stunning to interact with. The multiple watch faces features let you pick up your favorite UI. Moreover, the display is crystal clear, along with brightness control. If you’re out during the day, you can set the brightness level high enough to interact with the screen without interruption.

Furthermore, you get a reminder with a beep to tell you if you need to drink water. Get notified about the weather condition right on your wrist. The IPX7 waterproof lets you track your swimming performance. Ultimately, this is the whole package that one might be looking for in a smartwatch with call function.

Features of Fire-Boltt Talk

  • Built-in Mic & Speaker
  • Low battery reminder
  • Weather forecast
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Find my phone
  • Audio control

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Under 2000

Earlier, we talked about the five best Bluetooth Call smartwatches. However, in this paragraph, you will learn the best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 2000 INR.

CrossBeats Ignite Cube

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 2000

CrossBeats Ignite Cube has a sleek and intelligent design similar to Apple Watch Series 8. The 1.9″ HD Display smoothly lets you operate features like Bluetooth calling and health functions such as Heart Rate Tracker, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Level, Sports Modes, etc.

The smartwatch comes with over 100+ customizable watch faces. Besides, you get the fast charging mode. Charge it for 10 minutes and use it for up to 25 hours. The inbuilt Mic & Speaker have good quality for optimized calls and music sound. Read all the notifications right from your wrist without taking your phone out of your pocket.

pTron Force X12N

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 2000

pTron Force X12N has 580 NITS display brightness and surprising features like Smart Health and Fitness Tracker. Moreover, with Built-in Mic and Speaker, you can efficiently have a decent conversation over the calls. This smartwatch has a curved HD display with a smooth touch experience.

You can get all of your social media notifications on this smartwatch. Install pTron Fit+ App on your mobile device and connect the watch to explore the breathtaking features. At such cost, it’s the best smart watch with Bluetooth calling feature.

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Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Under 3000

Look at the best Bluetooth Calling smartwatch under 3000 INR with mesmerizing features.

CrossBeats Orbit

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 3000

CrossBeat Orbit is a round-dial smartwatch with unique features like Bluetooth calling, Health Monitor, and Sports Modes. You can use the dial pad or choose from the synced contacts to call right through this smartwatch. The 1.3″ HD IPS display is rich in color with multiple attractive faces.

Moreover, it’s IP68 water and sweat resistant for all your sports activities. With the right combination of everything, it’s the best smart watch with Bluetooth calling. Also, it has an inbuilt microphone and speaker for a better calling and music experience.

boAt Xtend Talk

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 3000

boAt Xtend Talk has an advanced Bluetooth calling chip. It’s a premium edition that falls under the 3000 INR category. Besides, it’s designed elegantly with less weight. You won’t even feel it is wearing on your wrist. The 1.69-inch crystal clear display ensures uninterrupted interaction with the watch.

With over 60 sports modes and Health Tracking features, it keeps your body in the right shape. Additionally, it comes with Alexa as your virtual assistant and a noise detection sensor. You’re just one voice command away from controlling this Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch.

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Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Under 5000

When you’ve more budget, why settle for low-priced products? Look at your premium Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 5000. You’re just one click away from purchasing a smartwatch with call function.

Pebble Cosmos Nord

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 5000

The Pebble Cosmos smartwatch ultimately ends the era of taking the mobile phone out of your pocket to pick up calls. This smartwatch lets you Accept/Reject the call right on your wrist. And with the built-in Microphone & Speaker, you talk to your friends steadily.

This watch automatically saves the recent caller’s number for a quick connect further. Also, you can store some of your important contacts in this smartwatch. Stay in good shape with the Sports Modes and Health Tracking features.

FireBoltt Infinity

Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch under 5000

Fire-Boltt Infinitely is a high-resolution HD display smartwatch. It’s for those who want to have a premium-look smartwatch, along with an AMOLED display-like experience. However, there are probably many smartwatches with an AMOLED display at the same price. But this watch has a 4GB Internal Storage capacity to store your favorite songs.

This storage feature makes it the best Bluetooth Calling smartwatch. Not on this, but also, you can connect your wireless earbuds with this smartwatch to listen to songs. Imagine that!
You don’t have to carry your mobile phone during a physical workout. If you’re a music lover during exercise, this watch is perfect for you.

Final Words

Smartwatches have become an essential part of human lives. They have the potential to track your health and sports activities with their intelligent sensors. Whether walking, running, working out at the gym, or riding your bike, a Bluetooth Calling smartwatch will always be a portable device with you to connect on a call with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bluetooth in a Smartwatch?

You can always find the Bluetooth option in the smartwatch’s settings. Or sometimes, it’s on the home page. You have to slide right or left.

How to use Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch?

Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile and connect the watch when it appears on the list. Or sometimes, you have to use an application’s help to connect.

Can I leave my phone at home and use a smartwatch?

You will need Wi-Fi functionality in your smartwatch for this feature. Connect your smartwatch and mobile to your home Wi-Fi. Now, you can use your smartwatch at any distance without your phone.

How far can a smartwatch be from the phone?

Approximately 10 meters. If you stay under 10 meters distance, the smartwatch will work perfectly.

Can all smartwatches answer calls?

No. To answer calls from a smartwatch, it needs to have an inbuilt Microphone and Speaker. And not every smartwatch has a mic and speaker.

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