Why did Clash of Clans Remove Global Chat?

Remember when global chat was a major component of Clash of Clans? It would appear after you had logged in with your troops and base shining and your bashes at speed. Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans, announced in April 2018 that global chat would no longer be available. It was gone like an Archer’s bow shot…

What causes Clash of Clans Remove Global Chat?

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Discussion about Global Chat: Benefits, Downsides, and the Ugly Side

The people were energetic and sharing their tips, building alliances, and laughing together. Here you could learn new strategies, join clans, or even create long-lasting online relationships!

Chat was often a place where trolls, bullies, and harassers engaged in abusive language, harassment, and phishing attempts, which did not create a pleasant atmosphere, especially among younger players.

Ugly: To moderate this global mess would be like trying to herd Goblins using a Super Potion. It was nearly impossible! Filtering offensive comments was a 24/7 task with millions of players coming from different cultures and languages. It’s Farewell Global Chat, Hello Clan Focus

Supercell took a brave decision. Supercell made a bold decision by ditching global messaging in favor of creating clans. This allowed them to focus on building smaller communities within each clan and encourage more teamwork, while also reducing negativity.

Did you make the right decision? 

Some players miss the chaos of global chat. Some players miss the banter, chance encounters, and feeling like they are part of something larger in Clash of Clans. Some welcome the departure of Clash of Clans and prefer a calmer clan chat without lurking trolls to feel safe against online harassment.

In truth, there is no clear winner. Both sides have valid arguments. Perhaps one day Supercell can find a way to allow for a friendlier global conversation. For now, the focus is on clans that could create even stronger communities surrounding Clash.

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What are your thoughts on Supercell’s move and do you miss the global chat? Share your thoughts in the comments and keep Clash alive even though there are no global stages to play on.

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