Mastering Valorant: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Agents

Welcome back, agents! By now, you’ve dipped your toes into the wild world of Valorant and have a taste of the action-packed gameplay that awaits. As you continue your journey, you may have noticed that choosing suitable agents is the first step toward success. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the world of Valorant’s best agents for beginners, exploring their unique abilities and playstyles that can take your gameplay to the next level. From explosive duelists to strategic controllers, we’ll show you the agents that will suit your style and give you the edge to dominate the battlefield. So buckle up, sharpen your skills, and get ready to discover the hidden potential of the best agents in Valorant!

Classification of agents

In Valorant, the agents are classified into four categories as- Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and sentinels. Each agent has different abilities, playstyles, and unique strengths. Some agents may have capabilities that overlap multiple categories, allowing for versatility in their gameplay. It’s crucial to experiment with various agents and find the ones that resonate with your play style. Remember, the ultimate goal is to find agents that suit your strengths and contribute effectively to your team’s success.



Duelists are the frontline fighters; they hold a crucial role in the gameplay dynamics of Valorant, making them significant picks for any team composition. As a duelist main (mainly RAZE), I know that it may take time to master the playstyle of Duelists; the rewards of pulling off successful plays and securing frags are undeniable. Back in the day, I was the REYNA main, the best duelist agent for beginners because she is easy to master her abilities revolve around harnessing the souls of defeated enemies to enhance her power.

With her signature ability, “Dismiss,” she can quickly fade into the shadows, becoming invulnerable and allowing her to reposition or escape unfavorable situations. “Leer” is another mighty tool in Reyna’s arsenal, unleashing a blinding orb that hazes the vision of anyone caught in its path, giving her the advantage in one-on-one engagement.

Her ultimate ability, “Empress,” unleashes her true potential, granting increased fire rate, reload speed, and the ability to heal herself with every kill. With Reyna’s aggressive playstyle and ability to sustain herself, she becomes a formidable force capable of turning the tide of any battle. For beginners seeking a duelist who rewards aggression and individual skill, Reyna is an attractive choice to unleash chaos and dominate the arena.

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Sentinels in Valorant are the guardians of the team, specializing in fortifying positions, providing utility, and ensuring the safety of their teammates. These agents play a vital role in maintaining map control, defending bombsites, and creating a secure foundation for their team’s success.

Sage is one of the famous and versatile characters in Valorant. She is known for her healing and supportive abilities. Her kit revolves around keeping her teammates alive and providing defensive utilities securing the chokepoints and objectives.

Her signature ability, “Barrier Orb,” creates a solid wall that blocks enemy advances and creates cover for her teammates. Her “Slow Orb” can slow down opponents, making them easier to hit and avoid. She can also heal herself and her teammates with her “Healing Orb” and revive fallen allies with her ultimate “Resurrection.” Sage’s kit is not limited to her supportive abilities, as she can also hold her own in combat with her accurate and rugged sidearm. Sage’s versatility, survivability, and support capabilities make her an ideal choice for beginners looking to play a more supportive role while still impacting the game’s outcome.



Initiators are the master tacticians and information gatherers of the team. These agents excel at scouting, initiating engagements, and disrupting the enemy’s defense. Initiators play a crucial role by setting the stage for success.

The first agent I played was Sova, and it is one of the default agents that Riot gives to us. Sova is a very amusing agent to play, and we can quickly adapt his arsenal of bows and arrows. Its utilities revolve around scanning the position of enemies and giving them damage from a distance.

His signature ability is ‘Recon Bolt,’ which allows him to shoot an arrow that helps to reveal the position of enemies and gives valuable intel to his team. The “Shock Bolt” can deal area damage from a distance and flush out the enemies from cover. His drone, known as “Owl Drone,” is a potent scouting tool that can fly through the map, tagging and revealing opponents’ locations. His ultimate, “Hunter Fury,” sends out three blasts trailing walls, damaging and showing them when they got hit.

Playing as Sova allows beginners to adopt a strategic and tactical playstyle, utilizing intel to make informed decisions and leading their team to victory through calculated engagements.

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Controllers in Valorant are the architects of strategy, the masters of manipulating the battlefield to their advantage. These agents excel at creating barriers, obscuring vision, and controlling key areas.

Step into the shadows and meet Omen, the enigmatic controller in Valorant. With his teleporting and smoke abilities, he brings an element of surprise to enemies.

His signature ability is “Paranoia,” which sends out a shadowy projectile that blind enemies leaving them vulnerable to attacks. He can teleport with his “Shrouded Step,” which allows him to reposition and catch the enemy off guard. Another helpful ability in Omen’s kit is “Dark Cover,” which creates a smoke screen that blocks the enemy’s vision. Omen’s ultimate ability, “From the Shadows,” helps him to teleport anywhere on the map, further adding an element of surprise and confusion to the enemies.

Playing as Omen allows beginners to embrace a sneaky and unpredictable playstyle, teleporting across the map and manipulating the battlefield to gain a strategic edge in Valorant.


Ultimately, I will say choosing the right agent in Valorant is crucial for beginners to find their footing and excel in the game. Whether you prefer the high-octane aggression of duelists, the powerless of the sentinels, the technical support of the controllers, and the information gathering of initiators. Each of them has its pros and cons.

So, choose your agents wisely, communicate and collaborate with your team, and unleash your skills and strategies to dominate the battlefield. Good luck, and may your journey in Valorant be filled with thrilling victories and unforgettable moments.

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