Google Pixel 5A Won’t Get Free Unlimited High-Quality Uploads in Google Photos

There’s sad news for Google Pixel 5A fans that Google Pixel 5A Won’t Get Free, Unlimited, and High-Quality Uploads in Google Photos. This feature is only for the users who are using Google Pixel 2 – Google Pixel 5 users, one of Google’s executives has confirmed.

Google has been launching its Pixel A series in India for the past few years. The last variant that was entered into the country was 4A. Many users are excited about the launch of Pixel 5A which is officially confirmed by Google to launch on 11 June. But it turns out that the 5A will be missing one of the key features – Free High-Quality Google Photos upload. 

You might remember that last year Google announced that the High-Quality images uploads on Google Photos will start taking up Google Drive’s space. bagas31It means that the users will have photoshop cs5 crack to pay for more Google Drive space once they have completely used the storage they have which is 15GB. 

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