How To Check How Many Hours You Have on Valorant

Riot Games haven’t provided any official ways to check out our in-game stats, but don’t worry. In this blog, I will give you a comprehensive course on “How to check how many hours you have on Valorant.” To check our stats, we have to rely highly on the third-party application known as Valorant Tracker.

These trackers supply overlays to track our in-game performance and provide multiple live statistics like Live game roster stats and accessible agent guides and tips in live matches on any map.

So let’s get started!

How to install Valorant Tracker

Valorant Tracker can be installed by doing four easy steps written as follows:

  1. Search Valorant Tracker by Overwolf on your search bar, and you can download it for free by just clicking the download button below.
  2. Install the ‘Valorant tracker- installer.exe’; a quick installation will enable Valorant Tracker on your device.
  3. The final step is to start the match, and Valorant Tracker will automatically launch when your game starts.
  4. If you don’t want to play the match at that time, the other way is to write your Valorant platform id, and your stats will appear like this picture.

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Features of Valorant Tracker

Valorant Tracker serves us various functions, such as telling us the time we have spent on each agent in every gameplay mode by just clicking on the “playlist” of each act. Another cool feature of this app is that it tells us about the win percentage ratio of each agent.

In the weapons queue, we get the details about the kill we had done by a weapon and died by a gun in-game, and it also delivers us information about our primary weapons and their headshot percentage.

The other exciting feature of this app is “match history”. This queue provides information on the last twenty matches and rates gameplay performance. This feature creates curiosity among the players to enhance their performance.

Final Words

In this blog, I provide a guide on “How to check how many hours you have on Valorant” through a third-party application because Riot hasn’t offered us any mode to keep an eye on our stats. So, Valorant Tracker powered by Overwolf is perfect for gamers who want to control their activity time on Valorant and those who want to keep a close gaze on their performance and enhance their in-game performance.

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