How To Get Free Data On Airtel | Hello Guys, Welcome back again to our website. We hope that you guys are doing well. Well we apologize for not writing blogs for some time. We had some issues. But now we are back again on work to provide you knowledge full blogs. Today we are here with an most interesting thing and that’s about the free data on Airtel.

Let us explain you guys that the sim card company Airtel is from India and this trick is only for Indian users. And if any foreigner is living in India can also take advantage of this offer. All you need is to have an Airtel sim card.

How To Get Free Data On Airtel?

Here below we have mentioned some numbers by which you can get free data upto 10GB without any cost. All you need is to dial the numberes that we have mention below. As you guys may be know that the Airtel provides you free data by just dialing some numbers. Each number has it’s own limit in providing data. Some provides you 1GB data and some provides you 10GB data. It depends upon which number you’re dialing.

So the list is below;

1. 5999555

By dialing this number, you can get 10GB. This data will be valid for 10 days. After 10 days i will automatically be deducted. So, you have to finish it before 10 days in order to take advantage of this free data.


how to get free data
how to get free data

So, hope guys you’ve surely start believing now that this is a real trick.

2. 51111

In this, you will get 1GB data which will be valid for next 28 days. Means, the validity of this data will be 28 days. After 28 days it will be automatically gone.

3. 52122

After dialiing this, you”ll get 1GB data whose validity will be for 28 days. It is same as the number that we’ve mentioned in the upper partagraph.

Terms & Conditions for this offer:

  • The person must have only Airtel sim card.
  • This offer can’t be grab more than once for any number.
  • Sometime, you may have to wait for 1 hour for the confirmation.
  • If you’ve already used this offer then you won’t be able to do it again.
  • Any misuse of this offer can let you to face any legal problem.
  • This offer will be valid only for 10 or 28 days from the date of activation.

Airtel VoLTE Program- Get 30GB free;

Recently Airtel launched it’s VoLTE program in some states. Before Airtel, Jio was only the company that provides VoLTE program to it’s users. Now Airtel is also providing VoLTE program to it’s users. In this offer, Airtel is giving 30GB free to it’s VoLTE users. This data has been divided into three parts-

  1. User will get 10GB data after upgrading sim card to VoLTE.
  2. Then user will get another 10GB after giving feedback after usage period of 4 weeks.
  3. Then user will get final 10GB on providing feedback after the 8 week usage.

Well this offer is available only in some cities. You can check you VoLTE eligibility by going to Airtel’s website. CLICK HERE.


Well guys this may be the question that would be running into your mind. Let us tell you guys that VoLTE means “Voice over LTE (4G). LTE is also known as 4G.

What is the function of this program?

Now you guys would surely be thinking that what is the function of this program? The program of this function is to surf internet even during the call. Before this function, we were unable to use internet when we get a call but after this function we can use internet even when we are on the call with someone.

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