Jack Dorsey To Convert His Proceedings from Auction Of First Tweet To Bitcoin

Recently, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has put the first-ever tweet for sale as he listed it as a unique digital signature on a website for selling tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

On Tuesday, Jack Dorsey said that he will convert his proceedings from the auction of the first tweet to bitcoin for charity. 

“just setting up my twttr” – this is the first ever tweet that went live for sale after Dorsey listed it as a unique digital signature.

NFTs are digital files that serve as a digital signature to certify who owns photos, videos, and idm download free full version with serial key filehippo other digital media. Dorsey is known as a Bitcoin enthusiast and he wants to covert his proceedings from auction tweet to bitcoin for charity. He said that the auction will end on March 21. 

Dorsey’s 15 years old tweet could attract bidders to pay a high price for the Digital Memorabilia. The highest bid for the tweet stood at $2.5M on 17:05GMT on Tuesday. 

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