Guiding Light: 2 Unique Lighthouse Designs Minecraft

What better way to express your creativity than by building lighthouses in Minecraft? They not only act as navigational aids, but they can also add charm and delight.

In this guide, “2 Unique Lighthouse Designs Minecraft”, we’ll look at two distinct designs of lighthouses: Classic Red and White Lighthouses and Steampunk-inspired ones. Each will illuminate your Minecraft universe in its unique way.

Lighthouse Designs Minecraft: Classic Red and White Lighthouse

Lighthouse Designs Minecraft:
Lighthouse Designs Minecraft

Material Needed:

  1. Stone Bricks or White Concrete for the tower
  2. Red Concrete or Terracotta for stripes
  3. Sea Lantern for the light source
  4. Clear Glass Panes for the lens
  5. Wooden Planks for the platform
  6. Ladders for interior access


Location: Select an ideal site along the shoreline for your classic lighthouse to ensure its practicality and beauty.

Build a Tall and Slim Tower: Start by creating a tower made from stone bricks or white concrete at any height you wish. 15-20 blocks usually work best.

Tradition Stripes: Add horizontal red concrete or terracotta stripes to the tower’s exterior for a classic lighthouse appearance. These timeless lines will give it that iconic charm only the lighthouse has!

Illuminating the Way: At the top of your tower, place a sea lantern as your illumination source. A functional lighthouse must guide players and sailors safely across its seas.

Clear Lens: To create the lens, encase the sea lantern with clear glass panes and shape them to form either a round or octagonal lens, according to your preference.

Sturdy Platform: Create a wooden platform at the base of your lighthouse to provide stability and player access, including ladders to enable easy climbing to its peak.

Aesthetic Touch: As an optional step, decorate the surrounding environment with flowers, paths, or fencing to accentuate and highlight your lighthouse as an eye-catcher in its world. This can increase its visual appeal while becoming an inviting focal point.

Lighthouse Designs Minecraft: Steampunk-inspired Lighthouse

Lighthouse Designs Minecraft
Lighthouse Designs Minecraft

Materials Needed:

  1. Iron Blocks for the tower
  2. Iron Bars for decorative details
  3. Redstone Lamps for the light source
  4. Copper Blocks for added metallic accents
  5. Glass Blocks for the lens
  6. Wooden Trapdoors for steampunk-themed decoration
  7. Obsidian for an industrial-looking base


Choosing the Ideal Spot: Once your design of a steampunk-inspired lighthouse designs Minecraft has been finalized, select an area suitable for it, such as on an elevated site offering breathtaking sea views or in an industrial-themed location that matches the theme.

Unique Tower Shape: When building the tower from iron blocks, create an innovative shape compared to a typical lighthouse tower. Make the base wider first before gradually tapering it upwards for an eye-catching appearance.

Decorative Details Add iron bars to the tower’s exterior for an industrial and steampunk touch, arranging them creatively so your lighthouse stands out.

Lighting the Way: For optimal illumination, install redstone lamps as light sources at the top. For an additional steampunk aesthetic, encase the lamps with copper blocks to maximize metallic elements of design.

Glass Block Lens: Create the lens by stacking glass blocks into an array. Ensure they feature unique patterns or shapes that complement the steampunk style for an eye-catching effect.

Steampunk Decoration: Add wooden trapdoors, gears, and other steampunk-themed decorations to the lighthouse’s exterior to enhance its theme and make it stand out even further.

Industrial Base: To give the lighthouse its signature industrial look and tie into the overall theme of steampunk, place it on an obsidian base for added effect. This will complete its transformation.

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Lighthouse designs Minecraft presents an incredible opportunity for expression while serving a practical function. Classic Red and White Lighthouses exude timeless maritime charm, while Steampunk-inspired Lighthouses bring an industrial look. Please choose your desired design, traditional or steampunk, to bring light into your Minecraft world in its particular way. Happy crafting!

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