PayPal Will Acquire Cryptocurrency Security Startup Curv

American transaction company PayPal has confirmed that it will acquire Curv, a cryptocurrency startup based in Israel. An Israeli newspaper Calcalist reported this news. Also, PayPal has made an official announcement. 

For your information, Cruv is a cryptocurrency security company that helps you to store your crypto assets securely. This company operates a cloud-based service that allows its users to access their crypto wallets without any hardware device. 

Also, Curv uses a multi-party computation to handle private keys. When you create a crypto wallet, cryptographic secrets are generated on your device as well as on Curv’s servers. When you do transactions, multiple secrets are used to generate a full public and private key. 

If you are running a fund and you plan on buying a large amount of cryptocurrencies then you should consider using Curv. 

PayPal said that the Curv team will join the cryptocurrency group with PayPal. In the future, PayPal also planning to let you buy and sell items using cryptocurrencies. The company also said that it is planning to launch cryptocurrency products in other countries. 

Anuz Vaidhya

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