Posrche’s New Electric Bike Costs same as Hyundai Venue SUV


The German car-maker Porsche has revealed its two full-suspension Electric Bikes. These are the Porsche‚Äôs first electric bikes. 

The Porche eBike Sport is priced at $10,700. While, on the other hand, Porsche eBike Cross costs $8,549. Both eBikes will be up for launch from spring 2021. These eBikes are designed for different usage scenarios. Both have electric assist up to 25KMPH. 

Porche eBike

These eBikes are built on a carbon frame linked to Magura’s inverted front fork and a Fox rear mono-shock. Nested inside the frame is the Shimano EP8 motor with a removable 504Wh lithium-ion battery pack. It also gets a Shimano electronic 11-gear-shifting system. The eBike weighs less than 21KG.