Russia Hopes To Avoid Ban On Western Tech Giants

Russia Hopes To Avoid Ban On Western Tech Giants

The Kremlin said Tuesday it hopes Moscow will not be forced to block Western tech giants in the country. But stressed that the companies had to abide by the Russian Law.

“No one wants a full ban and it would be silly to advocate for one,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with Argumenty Fakty weekly. 

“But it’s necessary to force the companies to follow our rules. We’d like to hope that it won’t come to that ways to resolve the conflict will be found,” he said in the interview published Tuesday. 

Russia’s state communications watchdog began disrupting Twitter services in Russia earlier this month, saying the US platform failed to comply with its requests to delete content. Authorities said that the content was related to child pornography, drug use, and calls for minors to commit suicide.