SpinMaze: Virus or Glitch? Read Everything About it Here

Many guys are grumbling about the SpinMaze app on their mobile devices. Users are saying they didn’t even install this app and its icon is still in their dock. Especially users who are using Oppo or Vivo smartphones are having this problem.

Users on the internet are asserting it to be another Android virus. However, there’s no official statement has announced about it yet.

No one knows how to get rid of it. Even after tapping on uninstall, the app is getting vanished only for a temporary duration.

When the app comes back to the dock, a pop notification shows up which is containing the text ” Shortcut ‘SpinMaze’ already exists.”

It’s really annoying for the majority of smartphone users since they can’t get rid of this ongoing issue.

SpinMaze Virus or Glitch
SpinMaze virus on Oppo Vivo

Is SpinMaze an Android Virus?

Nobody knows anything about it yet. It could be a glitch or something or maybe it is another Android virus. The information about this bizarre SpinMaze application has to be disclosed yet. It’s better to stay serene for a while until the device manufacturers or experts share their opinions on this.

Cause of SpinMaze Application

Some users on YouTube say it’s related to the default keyboard of Oppo and Vivo devices. These devices use TouchPal as their default keyboard. If it’s true, that means they might be having some technical issues with their TouchPal keyboard. Like it could be a glitch or a bug or a so-called “Virus”.

How to Get Rid of SpinMaze App?

As it’s being called TouchPal Keyboard’s issue, “Force Stop” or “Clear Data” of TouchPad might work. To perform this action, follow the given steps:

Settings > Additional Settings > Application Management > Locate TouchPal Keyboard > Force Stop or Clear Data

However, it’s not the official solution for this. Users are saying they still encounter the app coming back again.

No one really knows for how long this SpinMaze app or SpinMaze Virus going to be there on smartphones.

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