StrandHogg: A Warning To Android Users

StrandHogg: A Warning To Android Users

StrandHogg: A Warning To Android Users || There is no doubt that Android is the most popular technology device in the modern world. Almost every person in this Generation owns an Android smartphone. We so depend on our Android mobile that we take it wherever we go, whichever work we do, and many more. It’s like oxygen to us, we can’t live without it. We trust our smartphones in such a way that we store each and every private information of ourselves in our Android smartphone.

But have you ever thought that this information can be accessed and can be stolen from you without even your knowledge? Yes, it is possible. A mistake can cost the leak of your personal data and this is what has happened. An android vulnerability known as StrandHogg has been found in Android devices. This is some serious problem for android users because most of the users in this generation are android users.

In the past few weeks, android has been put at the high alert list as some serious vulnerabilities are being found in android smartphones. Now, comes StrandHogg. The StrandHogg malware is defection android smartphones in a brutal way. A hacker can easily access your smartphone by this malware.

StrandHogg: A Warning to Android users – Are you safe?

More than 500 popular android applications are at risk of being affected by the malware name as StrandHogg. By this malware, a hacker can deploy attack to any android smartphone. All the officials have been alerted to spread awareness about this malware among people. So that they can stay safe.

What is StrandHogg?

StrandHogg: A warning to android users
What is StrandHogg?

StrandHogg: A Warning to Android users. Are you safe?

StrandHogg is an android malware that hides in the applications and it is very hard to detect. This is used for extracting personal details of the victims like their bank logins, credit card information, SSN number, social accounts accesses, and many more personal details that a hacker needs.

They collect all this information and then sell them to the highest bidder in the DarkNet. As you know about DarkNet, this is an anonymous network for cybercriminals. There were many serious android vulnerabilities found and StrandHogg is one of them. It’s affecting popular android devices.

StrandHogg makes a fake permission pop-up and takes all the required permissions from the user. It makes them real in a way that users think the application is asking for this permission and they give all the permissions. But in reality, it is the StrandHogg that is asking for such permissions to affect an android.

It gets worse when it displays a fake login screen on the top of the mobile’s screen to extract the personal banking details. It is hard to get rid of such type of things once they have entered into your smartphone.

How to protect your phone from StrangHogg?

Well, it depends upon you guys. You must check the application first before installing it. Be alert while you’re granting permissions to such applications. Give only permissions that an application needs, don’t give extra permissions. download keygen for corel draw x7

Like a photo editor application sometimes asks for “call permission”, isn’t it funny? How can a photo editor application ask for a call’s permission when its work is only to deal with photo editing?

However, Google has removed some applications from the PlayStore that were containing different-different types of malware in them. But there are still many applications in the PlayStore that’d be containing other types of malware. That’s why Google is still finding those applications and will remove them as soon as possible to make android smartphones secure and safe.


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