Threat For Android Users, Delete These Apps ASAP!

If you are an Android user then there’s a threat going on for you if you have installed those malicious applications from PlayStore. These applications have been identified to have infected with a dropper called Clast82 which installs AlienBot Banker and MRAT in a person’s smartphone. AlienBot is malware specially designed for Android devices to affect the financial apps of the users.

Hackers can steal your financial information via this malware easily and can transfer your funds. This dropper is said to be so powerful that it bypasses Google’s malware verification and the two-factor authentication codes. These applications were available on PlayStore for downloads, but now they have been removed by Google.

List of Malicious Applications:

  1. Cake VPN
  2. Pacific VPN
  3. eVPN
  4. BeatPlayer
  5. QR/Barcode Scanner MAX
  6. Music Player
  7. tooltipnatorlibrary
  8. QRecorder

If have installed any of these applications then we request you to delete them right now. They have the most powerful malware right now which can trick Google as well as the two-factor authentication codes of your financial system.

This malware was detected by a security researcher team Checkpoint. They saw these applications were available on PlayStore for download. Then they immediately reported to Google about these applications and Google removed them from PlayStore. However, Google stated that they had no idea about these applications, the malware was so powerful that it bypassed the Google Play Protect security check.

There are still a lot of applications like this on PlayStore. Don’t download any application unless you’re not sure about it. Double check everything before downloading. Use only recognised developers’ applications.

Anuz Vaidhya

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