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Top 7 Best Things to Learn in Quarantine

Top 7 Best Things to learn in Quarantine || As you guys know that due to this Corona pandemic, everyone is at their homes. You guys probably feeling bored by sitting at only once place. Isn’t it? Yes, of course, everyone feels bored by sitting at only one place unless one has some interesting work to do. We are damn sure that you guys are spending your quarantine in watching movies, web series, and many so many things. That’s why we’ve come here to give you some awesome tips to do in this quarantine that will change your life.

So, are you ready to see those best things from which you can change your life in a very effective way? Yes, we know that you are ready. Who hates changes? No one hates changes. The person who hates changes is the only one who can never be successful in his/her life. If you want to be successful in your life, then read this article carefully and start doing something bold from today.

Top 7 Best Things to Learn in Quarantine

Alright, so, here we go. Now, we are going to talk about those 7 life changing things that you must learn in this quarantine. As you know that life is all about doing something bold and living your life on your own terms. Do you want to spend your life in doing something that you will hate for the rest of your life? Not na! Then start following your passion from today.

Here are the things that you must learn in this Quarantine. If you don’t come up with a new skill in this quarantine then you will never be.

1. Coding

Things to learn in quarantine

Coding is the best thing that you can learn in this quarantine. Coding is also known as Programming. At first, you will find it hard to learn, and you might feel bored as well, but when you will start understanding its concepts, then you will find it very interesting and you will automatically start doing the coding. Quarantine is the best opportunity for you to learn to code. You will never get this type of free time.

top 7 things to learn in quarantine
Why to Learn Coding?

Why to learn coding?

Well, this is the right question. The reason why you should learn coding is that it’s the highest demanded skill in today’s generation and its demand will increase with time. As you know that everything is changing with time and technology is spreading day by day, so programmers’ demand will increase. Coding can teach you a lot of things. Here are some smart tips about why you should learn to code:

  • Coding can get you an attractive salary and multiple career opportunities. Like you can get a job at big companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and many more. The average salary of a programmer at Google is $500,000 per year and it can be more. It depends upon your skills. 
  • Programming helps in boosting your problem-solving and logical skills which will make you a professional programmer. 
  • As you know that technology is ruling the world, so it’s more important that you must know how these things actually work. Most of the companies in the modern generation depend upon the computer programs which increases the demand of programmers.
  • Technology is the future of the generation. Every single thing is changing into computer programs. Even some of our daily life things are also turning into computer programs, so there’s no doubt that one must know at least basics of computer programming.

Where should I learn coding?

We are living in an era of technology. Technology has made everything easy for us to access. So, there’s no doubt that you can get coding learning stuff online. There are a lot of free platforms from which you can start learning to code. Like, Google, YouTube, Udemy, and more. avast serial key 2018

These are some best platforms where you can learn to code easily. Or you can join the programming learning centers of you don’t understand it online. But first, try on online platforms, we are 100% sure that you will understand it.

I think everyone in this world should learn at least the basics of computer programming. IT TEACHES YOU HOW TO THINK.

~ Steve Jobs

It’s better to learn code than to learn English as a second language.

~ Tim Cook

2. Blogging

top 7 best things to learn in quarantine

Blogging is one of the most famous things in today’s generation. Blogging helps you in sharing your own thoughts about a specifically targeted niche of your own choice. You can select any field in which you’re interested and you can share your own views regarding that topic. If you have shared good and valuable information then there are high chances that your blog will get millions of views on Google.

Google is a highly used search engine worldwide. For blogging, you have to target only Google’s audience. You will get 90% of traffic on your blog only from Google.

Why to Learn Blogging?

The reason why you should learn blogging is that you can start your own brand online with the help of blogging. You can be an Internet Entrepreneur with the help of blogging. Building a brand doesn’t always mean that you have to start a clothing brand, shoe brand, or anything. The Brand means how many people know you? How many people trust you? Are you a legit guy on the internet? What’s your image on the internet? This is what a brand called.

best things to learn in quarantine
Why to learn Blogging?

So, if you want to build a brand and want people to know about it, trust it, then you need the help of blogging. You can take the help of Google to publish your brand online and help of blogging to attract people to see your brand and trust it. SEO, which is known as Search Engine Optimization, will help you in ranking on the top of Google. This is how people will come to know about your brand. We know that it’s a long process, it’s hard to get your brand famous among the people, but if you really want to do it, then you’ve to start through the bottom. No brand started directly through the top. Some had to face the worst to achieve the best.

How to Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is very easy. In just a few steps, you can start a blog of your own and you can build whichever brand you want to build. Here are some easy steps from which you can start your blog:

  • First, choose a good name for your brand. A good and attractive name for your brand will always help you in getting a good image. Always remember that the first impression should always be the best impression.
  • Then for publishing your brand online, you need to choose a domain name for your website like This is how your brand’s website name will look like. If you want to target your brand internationally, always choose the domain name which ends with “.com”. You can get a domain name from vendors like Godaddy & Namecheap. Now, you need to buy hosting for your domain name. A hosting is which connects your domain name to the internet. You can get many hosting providers, according to your budget. After you’re done with domain name and hosting, either you can code your website by own if you’ve coding knowledge or you can simply install WordPress. Now, select any theme according to your own choice and you’re done building your brand’s website.

How can I Earn via Blogging?

A lot of people ask this question. There are many ways to earn via blogging. As we told you earlier that 99% of your website’s traffic will come through Google. So, to earn via blogging, you can take the help of Google’s earning platform named as Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an ads program by Google, which pays you for showing ads on your website. You know you can earn $1000+ a day with the help of Google Adsense.

earn money via blogging with the help of google adsense
Google AdSense

The other method for earning via blogs is to turn your blog into affiliate blogs. You can earn more by affiliate blogs than Google AdSense. Affiliate blogs mean to promote the products on your website and they will pay you a huge amount for promoting the products.

To start an affiliate blog, must read these tips:

  • First, search for the product that most people buy, but that product must not be promoted as an affiliate by too many affiliate marketers.
  • Then to choose that product’s seller, go to Amazon Affiliates, join there via any social media platform and choose the seller which gives you a suitable commission for promoting.
  • Now, you finally can start an affiliate blog and earn a huge amount of money.
blogging on amazon affiliates
Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Important Note: For starting an affiliate blog, you must have a good knowledge of SEO. Without SEO, you won’t be able to promote affiliate products on the first page of Google. Doing affiliate marketing without knowing SEO is useless. So, be an SEO expert before starting an affiliate blog.
And also for earning via Google AdSense, you need to learn SEO first. In simple words, SEO is the most important thing for earning via AdSense or Affiliate.

3. Photography


Photography is one of the favorite things of any person. Everyone loves to be photographed. Who hates being photographed? No one does. The craze of photography is increasing day by day. Our social media platforms have made a very easy way for us to share our talent with everyone in this world. You can share your amazing shots on your social media accounts and can get a huge fan following.

If you are a good photographer, everyone will approach you for clicking their photos. You will get amazing fame after people will come to know that you are a talented photographer.

Why to Learn Photography?

The reason why you should learn photography is that it will give you amazing life experiences. You can capture your amazing life moments in a very effective way. You can capture amazing views of the place where you want to go and there are too many things that you will experience when you’re a good photographer. You can take photography as your career as well. You can earn a lot of money with the help of photography.

You guys probably have seen amazing photographs of mountains, nature, buildings, and many more. Doesn’t it scratch the part of your mind that how these photographs were actually taken? If yes, then you must start learning photography and improve your skills to a professional level. Then you will understand what actually the photography is.

photograhy as a career
Photography as a Career

Photography as a career

Yes, it’s true. You can make photography your career. It’s a best opportunity for your career. You can earn a lot of money via it. All you need is to improve your skills and show your talent to the world with the help of social media accounts.

Here are some tips for you if you want to start photography as your career. If you want to start your career then you must pay attention to these tips:

  • You can start your own blog on photography on the internet. By posting the amazing content regarding photography and attracting visitors.
  • Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. These are some famous social media platforms to show your photography talent to the world. You can start these platforms to share your talent with the world. If you have a lot of followers, people from different-different countries will approach you for photography.
  • You can be a part-time wedding photographer. A wedding photographer earns a lot of money. If you have other interests as well or if you want photography as a side income then wedding photography is the best choice for you.
  • You can be a film photographer and celebrity photographer. What’s better than being the photographer of famous celebrities. Celebrities love to be photographed every time to post their amazing pictures on social media. So, it’s a good opportunity for you.
  • You can be a freelancer photographer by uploading your profile on freelancing websites like Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork, and more.

4. Web Designing and Web Development

web designing and web develpment
Web Designing and Web Development

Web designing and web development, two are the main things to create an amazing website. These two things give a website an awesome look and layout that attract visitors. If you want your website to be on top, then you have to create it in a way that your users like to visit it, again and again.

Users are the main reasons for your website remains on the top for a long time. If you have a good layout of the website and great information in it then visitors will always love to scroll your website. And this is done with the help of web designing and web development.

why to learn web designing and web development
Why to learn Web Designing and Web Development?

Why to Learn Web Designing and Web Development?

If you want to start a blog and want to create your own website then these are the most important thing for it. You can design a website according to your own choice, you won’t have to install WordPress themes on your website. You can set things according to your own choice.

And it’s not about creating your own website, you can create a website for your clients as well. You will create a website for your clients according to their choice and they will pay you for it. You can work as a freelancer for web designing and web development.

As you know that every single business is getting online and for being online, everyone needs a website. Not everyone can create websites, so if you’re a skillful web designer and web developer and also you have a good image on the internet, you can tell them that you can create a website. This is how these things work.

If you don’t want to do freelancing then you can start your own websites which will hep you in earning money with the help of blogging and knowing proper SEO.

Where to learn Web Designing and Web Development?

As we already told you that we’re living in an era of technology where every information can be access with the help of the internet. You can various platforms for learning web designing and development. Some good sources for learning web designing and development are Google(containing some best websites for learning like W3schools), Udemy, Lynda, and many more.

5. Instagram Content Marketing

instagram content marketing

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. According to Instagram Static 2020, there are 120.7 Million active users of Instagram. You can select any niche of your own choice and interests and then can start a page of Instagram.

Instagram is famous because of its feature that allows content to reach thousands of likes even when a page doesn’t have many followers. In simple words, you can say that Instagram has more reach than Facebook that’s why everyone prefers to start Instagram Content Marketing. You can get a huge amount of customers through the help of Instagram.

Learn instgram content marketing

Why to Learn Instagram Content Marketing

The reason why you should learn Instagram Content Marketing is that if you want to start your own blog, business, any startup, or anything unique which requires the audience then you can take the help of Instagram. If you have a good experience in Instagram Content Marketing and you know what type of content do users like then you’re the king of Insta Content Marketing. Instagram Content Marketing is all about posting attractive images regarding your blog, business, startup, or anything that contain the information about your blog, business, startup, or anything.

Here are some tips why you should start learning to create awesome content for Instagram Marketing:

  • Instagram is an open environment for attracting customers. You can get a huge amount of customers with the help of Instagram’s content if it’s attractive and containing the information that people want to see.
  • As you know that the strategy to become a successful entrepreneur is to “See a Problem and sell its Solution”. So, if you have a solution for any problem then you can tell people about it with the help of generating awesome content.
  • A lot of high-level companies will approach you if you have a good knowledge of creating awesome content. You can create freelancing accounts on websites like Fiver, Freelancer, and more. This is how people and famous brands will know about your talent.
  • As the startups are increasing day by day, they’re going to have a perfect content generator that can help them in getting their customers by attracting them with attractive content.

How to Learn Instagram Content Marketing?

Well, there’s no perfect course for it. Instagram content marketing is just based on experiences. Yes, there are many courses that claim that they are teaching Instagram Content Marketing but they will never tell you their hidden tricks. You have to find them with your own experience. Yeah, it’s true that you can take a few ideas from them.

For attracting the visitors, you’re going to need an attractive content. And for generating the awesome content, you can take the help of free applications like Canva, Adobe, and there are many more you can choose according to your own choice.

6. Shopify Store

shopify store

This is one of the best things that you must try in your life. A Shopify store can help you in earning a lot of money as your side hustle. You just need to gain knowledge about it and then you can start a Shopify store of your own. With the perfect product and the audience, you can hit up to $100 a day or more. It’s all on you that how you do it.

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that helps in growing small businesses. You can sell your products online anywhere with the help of Shopify.

top 7 best things to learn in quarantine
How to start a Shopify Store

How to start a Shopify Store?

In a few simple steps, you will be able to start your own Shopify store. Before starting a Shopify store, you need to buy a domain name for publishing your products online. Then follow the steps that are given below:

  • First, sign up on the official website of Shopify.
  • Now, set up your online store.
  • Choose a suitable theme for your store that can attract people.
  • Now, edit your products, choose according to your own choice.
  • Your store is ready now for launch.
  • After launching your store, connect your domain with the store.

These tips were for the simple understanding. Do some more digging about it, meet with the people who are doing this, take advice from them, and start doing this as soon as possible. Setting up a Shopify store can take up to 1-2 hours.

7. Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Facebook has total traffic of 2.44 billion active users which makes it the biggest social media platform of the generation. There is no doubt that why most people use Facebook. It connects us with the world, with different-different kinds of people of the different-different nations.

But have you ever think what if you do something to get the attention of this huge traffic of 2.44 billion people? We guess no, because if you had thought then you’d probably be busy doing something to attract this traffic in your business instead of reading this article. Yes, it’s possible to get this type of traffic in your business. And this is possible with the help of Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads is the cheapest platform for promotion than any other platform. You can get a huge reach for your business at a very effective price. From an experiment of us, your one promotion can reach up to 13K people with investing only $2. So, you can guess from here that how cheap this is.

Learn facebook ads
Learn Facebook Ads

Why to learn Facebook Ads?

As you know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform with 2.44 billion users, so it is a huge opportunity for your business to grow faster. With the right solution, you can get a huge potential for your business. A good and informative ad can change your business in a few days. So, there is no doubt why you should learn Facebook ads. If you want to start a business then this is the most important thing for you to do.

Where to learn Facebook Ads?

The best way to learn Facebook Ads is just through the experience. There’s no way to become a Facebook Ads expert through the online courses. The more you work on it, the more you will learn about what types of things attract people. And this is how these things actually work. You’ve to change the way of your advertising according to the likes and dislikes of the people. People are the main source for the potential of your business, if they’re not satisfied with you, you’re gonna end up getting nothing.

Anuz Vaidhya

Hi. This is Anuz Vaidhya here. I am a Digital Marketer since 2017. Currently doing Affiliate Marketing on multiple niches. I am a content writer as well. Besides this, I am a tech enthusiast. I love computer programming. Hit me up if you want me to write content for you.

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