Turkish Businessman Buys Dorsey’s First Tweet For $2.9M

Turkish Businessman Buys Dorsey's First Tweet For $2.9M

Recently, Jack Dorsey has put his first tweet ,“just setting up my twttr”, on sale. And now it has been sold to a Turkish business man for $2.9 million. 

This tweet was bought by Bridge Oracle CEO Sina Estavi, according to Valuables by Cent, the digital platform where the digital auction for the tweet was held. 

The 15-year old post was sold as a non-fungible token, or NFT – a digital certificate of authenticity that confirms an item is real and one of a kind by recording the details on a blockchain digital ledger.

Jack Dorsey had also said that he will convert his proceedings from the auction of his first tweet to Bitcoin

According to Valuables, 95% of the proceeds from the sale price go to the tweet’s original creater while 5% of it goes to the platform. Dorsey tweeted the Bitcoin receipt Monday afternoon, and said that funds were sent to the charity.

“Incredible – huge thanks @jack and @sinaEstavi – looking forward to getting this $ into recipients’ hands soon,” GiveDirectly tweeted following Dorsey’s announcement.