Website SEO Analysis / SEO Optimization | As you guys know the value of the search engine optimization (SEO). It is very important for you to do Website SEO Analysis / SEO optimization if you have a website because it helps in the ranking of your website. You need to have better-optimized SEO for ranking at the top of the google. In the last years, Google’s algorithm has been changed. And now it detects every fault in the website before publishing it on the top place. So if your SEO has not been optimized then you will not be able to get a place on the top page of Google. In this topic, we will tell you about the Website SEO Analysis, in other words, you can say SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)


As we have already discussed, SEO stands for, Search Engine Optimization. For other details of SEO like SEO Marketing and etc. You can check our previous blog about it. We have discussed everything about it in detail. You can check down in the link below. We hope you will surely like it.


You can optimize your SEO if you follow some few steps that we have given below. You guys may be thinking that it’s kinda hard to optimize SEO. Is it right? In our opinion, it is right. Because there are many noobies around the world who are handling the websites but don’t know how to handle. If any noob is reading this blog, there is a message for him/her that, “not to worry. It is very easy to handle the website. As there are many experts who share their experiences in blogging. You can just follow them and you will be good as them.”

Steps you need to follow for Website SEO Analysis / SEO Optimization-


If you want your website on the first rank on the first page of Google then you must choose the good keyword for your article. If there will be a good keyword, only then you will be able to get your SEO Optimized and can get enough traffic for your website. Good keywords are the first step towards SEO Optimization and also it helps in getting the real-time traffic for your website.

For finding the good keywords you can take the help of the Google Keyword Planner. This tool is the official tool of Google for finding the best keywords for your website. All you need is just to put the keyword you want to know about and then hit enter double time for finding the details of the keyword. But always remember you need to choose only that keyword that has a low level of competition. Choosing the high-level competition keyword results in the decrease of your website traffic due to there are already top-level websites that are in the top position of Google using that keyword.

For more, you can just visit our blog about How To use Google Keyword Planner. If you don’t know how to use it then you can read our blog about it.


A meta description is the main thing about your blog because it helps in attracting people to visit your blog. It’s a kind of summary of your whole article. In this, you have to tell your visitors that, what’s your article about. If your meta tag will be good then there is no doubt that you will get more visitors. That’s why every successful blogger recommends everyone to have a good meta tagline in their article.


And one more thing, your meta description should not be more than 160 words. If you exceed it over 160 words then it will give a bad impression to SEO because there is a limit of meta tag in SEO. So for good SEO, you must follow its rules.


The focus keyphrase is an important part of an article. It shows the visitors what the article is about. Your focus keyphrase should be related to your main title of the article. If it is not related to the main title then your SEO will be affected and it can lead to a decrease in the ranking of your website. That’s why you should pay attention to focus keyphrase.

There are many things under the Focus Keyphrase that you must pay attention while writing a blog. This type of small mistakes can affect SEO in a very bad way.


Keyphrase density means that how many times the focus keyphrase is being written in the article. The key phrase density should not be less than 0.6 and should not be more than 2.5. If it exceeds over 2.5 then your SEO would be affected.


It means to have focus keyphrase in the alt tagline of the images that you have uploaded in the article. All the images in your article should have an alt tag of your focus keyphrase. It defines that, the image belongs to your article.


Your website must have outbound and internal links. It means that your article is not fake and whatever the content you’ve provided is real without containing any false information. When anyone searches this topic on Google, it will automatically detect your article and show it in the top position.


You must use your focus keyphrase in the meta description because it helps Google in detecting the meaning of your article and it will optimize the SEO. After this, your website will be on the first page of google.


Your focus keyphrase’s length must be of four words. It should not be more than four words because exceeding it more than four words will violate the rules of SEO and it will not be good for a ranking of your website.


Make sure that the article you are writing has the proper length of words. It must be more than 600 words. It should not be less than 600 words. Writing it less than 600 words will make it useless and nonsense. Also, it will violate the SEO rules.


Always remember that your focus keyphrase should appear in the slug and the beginning of the SEO title. It helps in finding the main purpose of the article.


You must pay attention to the readability analysis also. Readability analysis decides the language difficulty of your article. If it has unusual words, then it will not be good for SEO because Google will be unable to identify your article’s words and hence, your ranking will be affected.

There are some things you must notice for a good readability source, 
mentioned below:


The subheading distribution is a very important thing for your article. You must give a subheading to your paragraph before starting it. Because it helps in defining the actual meaning of the paragraph. It helps Google to detect your article as a legit article.


Paragraph length is an important thing for your article. You should not write long paragraphs in your article. Every paragraph of your article must be less than 300 words.

  • There are other things also in reading ability such as; sentence reading, SEO title length and etc. You can find this in the last of the right bottom of the article in WordPress latest update.


If you are writing an article then you must bear in mind that, not to copy the other website’s contents. You must write your own contents in your own wordings. Copying from others will lead to a copyright strike from Google and it will affect your SEO and ranking both. So you must write an article in your own words in order to improve SEO.


While writing the article in the correct format, you must pay attention to the URL of the article also. Your URL should be matching to your SEO’s focus keyphrase. Because it helps Google to detect your article fast while any visitor is looking for an article that is related to your article. And as a result of this, your SEO will be optimized and you will get satisfied traffic on your website.


It is the main problem while writing the article. When you write an article, you think that “whatever you will write that should be in a correct format and good grammar wordings” and sometimes you confused whether the sentence or word you have written is legit or not. So for solving this, you must add Grammarly Extension to your CHROME browser. It helps in improving the grammar wordings and spellings as well. And as a result of this, Google will detect your article as a good article for visitors.



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