AI officially known as- ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is taking place all over the world. Nowadays we see that artificial intelligence is using in all fields of technology such as mobile phones, computers, all operating machines, etc. Even google assistant is now a day running on Artificial Intelligence. Robots are running on Artificial Intelligence and in future
Artificial Intelligence will take place all over the fields in the world.



Artificial Intelligence is sometimes called Machine Learning. And it can be identified from this, that Artificial Intelligence is a special program in all types of machines. This program is based on the Natural Intelligence related to humans and animals. In simple words, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is a program that copies all habits of humans and animals and any machine work like a real human or animal. You may have heard about the world’s first AI ROBOT SOPHIA. This is the first artificial intelligence robot. It works like a real human, it talks like a real human. And you might have heard about the SONY’s AI ROBOT DOG. These are some live examples of Artificial Intelligence. 


John McCarthy is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence. But Logic Theorist made the first step in Artificial Intelligence and then Newell and Simon designed it in 1955 (we can call it first AI program). Then John McCarthy explained it. From that, he is known as the Father of Artificial Intelligence. 


Artificial Intelligence can be used in any field of technology. It is the best thing in the modern world that can help humans in many ways. AI makes our lives easier than anything. The uses of Artificial Intelligence are; 

  • It helps in the recognition of the handwriting. It can tell the difference b/w two or more persons’ handwriting. 
  • Artificial Intelligence helps in face recognition and face recognition’s biggest example is your mobile phone’s face lock. Yes, your mobile’s face lock is made by Artificial Intelligence. It recognizes your face with the help of AI. 
  • AI helps in speech recognition as well. It can tell the language name which the person is speaking and can translate that language in any language you want. 
  • It helps in diagnosis recognition also. This is really helpful for both the doctors and patients because they can check the disease with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 
  • You can give the robots a thinking capacity like humans with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It means they can work according to their own choice. 
  • It helps the doctors in doing the surgeries/operations with the help of Robots. They are very accurate in performing such tasks. 



  • AI can have a low range of errors if they have coded properly and also have better speed and accuracy.
  • The environment can’t effect Artificial Intelligence robots. Hence, they can do the dangerous works that human can’t.
  • They don’t have feelings, as a result of this they can make good decisions.
  • They don’t sleep or take rest. Hence, they can be used as an Army for any country or any other purpose too.


  • This can cost a lot of money and time in building and re-building repairing.
  • They can be made better with coding and doing tasks but the main question that arises is that “CAN THEY BE AS  GOOD AS HUMANS”?
  • Artificial Intelligence robots can’t do more tasks from their coding limits.
  • Even after coded with common sense they can’t have common sense like humans.
  • If humans get badly dependent on AI then it can lead to break mental capacities.
  • They can destroy humans if put in the wrong hands, it is the thinking of many people.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has a huge scope in the future, as every technology is now converting on Artificial Intelligence and in the future, it will be all over the world. Each and every person will have AI smartphones, robots, and many more things. Artificial Intelligence will also be used in hospitals as surgery robots, stitches robots and many more. Science is doing its best in improving artificial intelligence that can easily handle human beings. In the future artificial gonna be has a huge marketing and it will be the most demanded thing in the future. Each company will use its own artificial intelligence for providing satisfaction with their costumes. Artificial Intelligence will be a source of entertainment when people will feel bored. 


 In the modern world, the need for Artificial intelligence is increasing. But we should not fully depend on this. Always remember, humans have made artificial intelligence. If you think machines are smarter than humans, then remember that humans have made the machines, not God or Aliens. We are not saying that artificial intelligence is wrong. Yes, it is a good thing but you must not depend too much on this. You should do work by yourself too. Artificial Intelligence can be good or can be bad at the same time. As the robots will have a thinking capacity like humans, they can also think evil like humans. It may be a good thing for humans but at some points, it may be bad as well. 

Humans have made many things for their comfort but those comforts things are eating both the environment and humans together. Those days aren’t soo far when robots will keep humans in jail like humans now are doing with the robots. Because where there is a thinking, there’s an evil too. Like humans have thinking capacity, they have an evil as well. Just like this, if robots will have a thinking capacity, they will have an evil as well. 

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