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What Is RDP Port | Hello Guys! Welcome to our website. Hope you all guys are doing well and enjoying whatever contents we are providing you. Today again we are here with an interesting topic about the RDP.

 What is RDP Port? 

RDP, also known as the Remote Desktop Protocol. It is like another computer inside your own computer. While using an RDP, you’re actually using another computer remotely through your personal computer. That another computer is one of the service providers which you’re using like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

  • You guys surely have used Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). And also you guys have seen the TCP port that we put during the making of the RDP account. That’s 3389. While making RDP and putting this port, a question would surely arrive in your mind that “What is the use of that port” and “why we use it”?  Well, that is a logical question. Many among of you guys have thought about this, and that’s why we are here to provide you information about it.

Well, the reason behind this is that the TCP PORT 3389 is the basic port of windows server and also it is very easy to access Remote Control through this port. The RDP service runs only on the TCP PORT 3389 and UDP PORT 3389.

How RDP works?

Well, this is also the most asked question. This is the first question asked by every user of RDP after using it. The working of RDP is simple. As when you start a remote session, the client’s computer sends a signal to the host via listening to the PORT 3389. When you try to connect with a remote server the host will ask you for login credentials that you’ve set during the making process of a remote server. When you add all the credentials correct, the host will provide you with all data of remote servers on your screen and you’re allowed to do everything you want.

How to get RDP?

There are some services that provide you with RDP service. And they charge you monthly for using their service of RDP. But they also give you a trial of some days for using their service free for a limited period like free for one month, free for one year and etc. We have mentioned some of them below. You can check and use their service if you are willing to.

1. Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure is the famous RDP service and it has many servers to connect with like East US, Central US, Japan East, Central India, Australia and etc. You can choose your choice server. And also you can choose the desktop version in it. They provide you Ubuntu, Redhat, Windows 10 desktop version in it. And with all of it, the one best thing is they provide you 30 days of the free trial also. You can use their service free for 30 days.

All you have to do is create an account of Microsoft Azure by going to their official website They will ask you for your credit card details during the sign-up but no need to worry. They will not charge you until 30 days and you can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

2. Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) is also a big platform for the RDP. They also provide you with good service regarding RDP. They have many servers in their RDP service. And one best thing about Amazon AWS is, they provide you with a free trial for 1 year. You can use their service free for one year without paying a single penny.

You just have to visit their official RDP service website at After visiting, sign up there. Then you need to fill your contact information and your address. After this, you’ve to enter your credit card details. No need to worry about this. They just ask this for verification. They will not charge until trial. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

These are the only services that are used by us and we found that good. There are other services also but we never tried them. We will update this blog soon and will share our experience with other services also. avast anti track premium key free

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