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XBOX OR PS4 || Hello Guys! Welcome back again to our website. Today we are here with the most important and demanded topic X-Box or PS4? Which is better? This is the most searchable question on google. So, we thought to give you some suggestions about it. It will help you to understand better who is better x-box or ps4. If you are willing to buy Xbox or ps4 then you must read this post from start to end carefully and then decide what you found better.

xbox or ps4
Xbox or ps4

Before starting let us tell you guys that the X-Box is the product of Microsoft and the PS4  is the product of sony. Both are made for gaming and both have good performance, graphics, FPS, etc. while gaming. But there are some people who think that PS4 is better than Xbox and vice-versa. That’s why we thought to provide you with some tips and guide about Ps4 and Xbox. It will help you to understand better.

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Here we’re gonna comparison the specifications of both ps4 and Xbox.


While both ps4 and Xbox has 8GB RAM but ps4 has 5500MHz GDDR5 RAM and on the other hand, Xbox has 2133MHz DDR3 RAM variant. This results in more quality of bandwidth in ps4 as a comparison to the Xbox.


About the CPU, the CPU of ps4 is 1.6GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar while the CPU of the Xbox is 1.75Ghz 8-core AMD custom CPU. Which is genuinely the same. But some points go to Xbox.


If we talk about the GPU of the both then, ps4 has 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon. On the other hand, Xbox has Integrated AMD Graphics. In this, some points go to ps4 but both are the same. avast anti track license key


If we talk about the HDR function of both then both support HDR. But the ps4 has a better quality of 4K system than X-box. For true 4K experience in Xbox, you need to buy Xbox-X. And you must have a 4K TV of better quality for gaming in both.


If we talk about the performance of both gaming consoles then there is almost the same performance in both gaming consoles. Both are very smooth in gaming. Maybe something is up and down in both consoles but, the overall performance of both consoles is the same.


If we talk about the design of both gaming consoles then both have a good and sleek design. Both have a nice packing of the box. Both are smooth in controlling. And also have very good experience in gaming.


So, guys, we hope that you have understood that both are the same and have the same performance. There may be a little bit of difference between both. There are some point goes to ps4 and some points go to X-box. But both are the same, both run smoothly on 4K TV. So if you are willing to buy any console then you don’t need to search anything about it. Because both are made by the top-level companies and now it depends upon your choice whose console will you buy. If you are a Sony lover then genuinely you will buy ps4 and if you are Microsoft lover then you will buy Xbox. So all depends upon you because both are good in their own place.

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