Chinese Vs Global Version Clash of Clans [Difference]

Clash of Clans (CoC) isn’t entirely banned in China. However, due to certain regulations and content concerns, the game operates under a different version and stricter guidelines compared to the global version. Here’s a breakdown of the Chinese Vs Global Version Clash of Clans.

What happened?

In 2018, the Chinese government took action against games deemed to promote violence, tribal warfare, and excessive addiction. CoC, along with other titles, fell under scrutiny. Instead of an outright ban, the Chinese authorities opted for a restricted version published by Tencent, a local company adhering to government regulations. This resulted in the removal of the global version from Chinese app stores.

Features of the Chinese Version of Clash of Clans:

Some features of the Chinese version that are new from the global version are-

1. Bulk Upgrade

clash of clans bulk upgrade
Credit: Tencent Games

So the bulk upgrade is usually for the players who want to upgrade or max their village in just one click. Yes, it is now possible with one click in the Chinese version. The players have to pay an additional cost for upgrading their Town Hall.

Also, the bulk upgrading will be done through tickets and the cost of upgrading will depend on the Town Hall you have in the game. Well, it’s not a very helpful feature for a normal player.

2. Magic Horn Chat

clash of clans chinese magic horn
Credit: Tencent Games

The global chat in the global version is called horn chat in the Chinese version. This chat system allows players to send messages to the entire player base using a magic item known as the Magic Horn. Although, this item is not at a free cost so it’s kind of worthy for only those people who want to appear in a separate chat, as well as on the screens of every player.

3. Daily Login System

The Daily login system means the players who log in to the game daily will get a chance to get some rewards. As in other games, it happens weekly. The players get rewards every day for logging in to the game and on the seventh day of login, they get cool rewards.

In the Chinese version, also their is now a daily login system like this, and who knows the global version players might get this feature soon.

Differences between Chinese Vs Global Version Clash of Clans :

  • No pirate-themed elements: So earlier there were pirate flags in the games for decoration but in the Chinese Version the flags have been removed. Also, globally the country flags are removed too, and there are no country flags in this version.
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  • Censorship: Skeletons, death imagery, and other sensitive content are absent.
  • Roman numerals replaced: Arabic numerals are used throughout the game instead of the Roman numerals.
  • Modified names: Some spells and heroes have different names such as the poison spell name has been changed to the damage spell and also there is a green color skeleton spell which is only available in the Chinese version.
  • Updates: The Chinese version often lags behind the global version regarding updates and new features.
  • In-app purchases: The monetization system differs, with restrictions on spending and content offered.
  • Social features: Social interactions within the game are more limited and controlled.

Gacha System

Now this is new in the Chinese Clash of Clans version. The game has now a gacha system where you can spin the gacha wheel and have a chance to win multiple rewards such as statues, hero sets, etc.

Similarities between the Chinese vs Global Version Clash of Clans?

  • Both versions are freemium mobile strategy games where players build villages, train troops, and battle other players.
  • Both versions have the same basic gameplay mechanics, such as attacking other players’ villages, earning resources, and upgrading buildings.
  • Both versions have the same heroes, troops, and spells in both Chinese Vs Global Version Clash of Clans.

We hope this helps that the article about the Chinese Vs Global Version Clash of Clans has helped you get the information you looking for…

Chinese Version Vs Global Version Clash of Clans [Difference]

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