Apple Vision Pro Fails to Meet Users’ Expectations

Recently launched Apple’s Vision Pro grabs the attention of various technology geeks worldwide. You can turn your virtual environment into reality with Apple Vision Pro within a few easy steps.

In Apple Vision Pro, your digital workstation is controlled by the following things – Motion Sensor, Eye Tracking, and Speech Recognition. Just like Apple’s iOS, macOS, and iPadOS, Apple Vision Pro runs on visionOS. You can interact with this new Operating System by wearing the Vision Pro.

You will notice a visionOS interface similar to the image below…

visionOS interface in Apple Vision Pro
visionOS in Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro’s development began back in 2015 when Apple bought, Metaio, an augmented (AR) company. However, it faced several challenges in the beginning.

Despite the challenges, development didn’t halt. Later, in Apple WWDC23, Apple Vision Pro was successfully announced to be released in the first quarter of 2024.

However, even after a decade of being in development, Apple Vision Pro still couldn’t meet the expectations of the users, and here’s why.

1. Heavy Weight Causing Headaches

Even though the hardware is great, Apple Vision Pro is said to be heavy on your head. So if you’re someone who would like to use it for hours, then it may cause you a headache. No matter if you use the upper strap or back strap or both to balance the weight, you will still feel like you’re carrying a heavy weight on the top of your head.

2. Vision Pro Causing Strain on Your Eyes

Vision Pro Causing Strain on Eyes

Vision Pro is said to be hard on your eyes if you’re using a Virtual Reality gadget for the first time. It’s a similar experience when you wear glasses or contact lenses for the first time. So if you’re familiar with that experience, you’re likely to have this encounter on your first time usage of Apple Vision Pro.

3. Not Enough Apps

visionOS interface in Apple Vision Pro

Despite Apple’s marketing about having “too many apps” in the Vision Pro, it still lacks some of the essential apps to get work done. Such as Google Chrome and Grammarly.

If you’re a writer, who’d love to use a VR gadget to write content, then it may not be possible since it lacks the presence of the tools that a writer would need.

4. Not Travel Friendly

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case edited

As a remote worker, if you constantly change your locations, then it would be hard for you to take Apple Vision Pro with you. The case is so big that it won’t even fit your backpack. Hence, it does not seem to be a portable gadget at all. However, if you somehow can manage the portability of this device, then it can be your great travel companion.

Future of the Apple Vision Pro

Since it is the first Virtual Reality (VR) gadget of Apple, they will get better at manufacturing a VR device that has a better hardware performance along with less weight. Also, they will include some extra applications that are essential for an enormous number of users out there.

Regardless of the cons of Vision Pro in this article, it still has some amazing features such as,

Reality like Experience

Vision Pro tends to trick your brain into thinking that whatever you’re watching on this device, is happening live in front of you. For example: If you’re watching a horror movie, the fear you may experience would be similar to the reality.

Revolution in the Marketing

When everyone adapts to this technology, just like smartphones, it will be easier to convey messages to customers by creating effective visuals to advertise the products. It would be easier for companies to get more conversions.

Enhancement of Educational Videos

Vision Pro not only focuses on entertainment, but it will certianly have a positive impact on the way students receive education. It would be helpful for students in the tech and medical industry since it will give realistic visuals of performing any technical or medical tasks.

In this way, anyone can comprehend complex tasks such as rocket science or surgery. Because of the visuals that Vision Pro will create, it can have in-depth knowledge, yet be straightforward to understand.

Changing in the Way of Communication

We all have friends and family members who are far away from us. But with the Vision Pro, video call interactions with them will make you feel like you’re sitting in the same room. Which can further improve the emotional contact with each other.

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