List of 5 Most Expensive Knives in Valorant 2024

Welcome to our tempting blog of Valorant! Where gun and strategy intertwine beauty and style. Beyond the intense battles in the different maps of Valorant, players can customize their weapons with stunning skins, providing your weapons a prestigious look, and none are more desired than the knives.

In this blog, we will explore some of the best and most expensive knives in Valorant. From elegant blades exuding luxury to rare and futuristic designs with mesmerizing animations, these knives symbolize ultimate status in the game.

Join us as we explore the realm of extravagance and discover the allure of these exclusive and high-priced gems.

List of Most Expensive Knives in Valorant

Here is the list of the most expensive knives in Valorant through which you can discover the rarest and most coveted blades that redefine luxury on the battlefield:

#1 VCT Champions 2022 Butterfly

Most expensive knives in valorant

VCT Champions 2022 Butterfly knife is a limited edition knife skin exclusive that came in the bundle with the phantom skin and was available from Aug 23 to Sept 21, 2022. When you inspect it, this knife has one of the cleanest animations in the game after the Xenohunter knife.

This knife has a gold glowing outline in the game when players have the highest kill in a match. Another exciting feature of this knife is that it changes after every five kills, with red crystal chunks gradually filling the blade and reaching a maximum of 25 kills.

According to Riot Games, when you inspect this knife at 25 kills, the animation shows it “embodies what it means to be a champion.”

Many fans loved this skin, and it helped generate 18.7 million dollars in revenue. This bundle costs 6,265 VP, meaning you must spend more than 70 dollars, making it the Most Expensive Knife in Valorant.

#2 Power fist

Most Expensive Knives in Valorant

The Power Fist knife comes in the Arcade bundle, which is currently the most expensive bundle in the game. The overall price of the bundle is 11,900VP, which means you have to spend more than 135 dollars. You need to spend 5,950 VP to buy this knife skin individually, making it the most expensive knife in Valorant.

This knife skin was added in Act 3, Episode 6, and has three attractive variants such as:

  • Power Fist
  • Power Fist Level 2 (Variant 1 Dance Fever)
  • Power Fist Level 2 (Variant 2 K.nock O.ut!!)

Another exciting thing about all these variants is that they have three different representing their name, which you can perform by killing the last man standing in the unranked or competitive game.

#3 VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia

Most Expensive Knife in Valorant

The VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia melee is another limited edition knife that comes into the game to celebrate the  VALORANT LOCK//IN tournament in São Paulo that was added to the game between February to March 2023.

This knife has the same animation as the Xenohunter knife, where the Xenohunter knife is known for its simplicity. The Misericórdia melee is known for its typical Valorant skin, making it different from the Xenohunter knife.

Also, there is a considerable price gap between them Xenohunter knife costs 3,550 VP, and the price of the Misericórdia knife is 5400 VP.

It has a glowing VCT logo and four super cool variants, and its three variants represent international regions, whereas the last variant is the Valorant Champion Tour of 2023. Buying this knife will let you express your region in the game.

  • VCT Americas: Green color variant
  • VCT Pacific: Blue color variant
  • VCT EMEA: Purple color variant
  • VALORANT Champions Tour: Red color variant

After seeing all these remarkable qualities of this knife, we can say the price of this knife is worth it and has all the key points to come in our list of the most expensive knives in Valorant.

#4 Onimaru Kunitsuna

Most Expensive Knife in Valorant

The following knife is Onimaru Kunitsuna in our list of the most expensive knives in Valorant. It is a katana with four different beautiful color variants and a unique, smooth, and clean animation while inspecting it, delivering you the feel of samurai in the game.

This Oni 2.0 bundle costs a total of 7,100 VP, and the price of this knife is 5,350. This bundle includes many items except this stunning knife which will make you buy the entire Oni 2.0 bundle. Here’s the list of items given below:

  • Onimaru Kunitsuna
  • Oni Vandal
  • Oni Bulldog
  • Oni Ares
  • Oni Frenzy
  • Oni Card
  • Oni Spray
  • Oni Gun Buddy

#5 Waveform

Most Expensive Knife in Valorant

The Waveform melee is one of the oldest skins in the Valorant and was released in 2021 with the spectrum bundle, which is the second-high price bundle in the game, costing 10,700 VP after the Arcade bundle. It was the first audio skin designed and created in collaboration with Zedd.

The cost of this Waveform knife is 5,350 VP which means you need to spend more than 50 dollars to purchase this skin.

It is one of the most expensive knives in Valorant due to its excellent inspection sound and animation of the blade, which glows when you inspect it. The audio you listen to during its inspection is soothing and pleasant.

Moreover, it has three more variants than this standard, all of which look attractive to your eyes. The colors of its variants are:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple/Pink

Final Words

These are the currently most expensive knives in Valorant, which redefine luxury and status, capturing the hearts of millions of players with their mesmerizing design and stunning animations. From the VCT Champions knife to the Waveforms harmonious audio, all these knives have unique assets, making them the most expensive knives in Valorant.

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