Best Hero Equipment For Queen In Clash of Clans

Greetings, Clashers! Welcome to another enticing blog post about the “Best Hero Equipment For Queen In Clash of Clans.” Like the previous blog, this blog will discuss the best hero equipment in Clash of Clans but for the Archer Queen.

The Lunar New Year 2024 COC update brings exclusive hero skins with dominant new hero equipment known as Frozen Arrow for the queen. This new hero equipment is a blessing for the queen charge attackers, and it can easily overpower the max level single inferno tower and Town Hall level on its own.

So, go through the entire blog and discover how to apply these hero equipments to make your attack more seamless and effective.

Invisibility Vial

Best Hero Equipment For Queen
Best Hero Equipment For Queen

The invisibility vial, one of the most prominent weapons in the queen’s arsenal, makes the queen go invisible for 7.8 seconds and also deals extra damage (1740 hp) per shot to the defenses and building while attacking the other bases. Moreover, it also increases the hit point of the queen up to 700 hp.

The Invisibility Vial, a cornerstone of the Queen’s arsenal, seamlessly integrates into any attacking strategy, offering both offensive and defensive benefits. Whether executing a Queen Walk, Hybrid, Lava Lon, Electro Dragon, or Mass Miner attack, the vial proves invaluable.

It grants the Queen temporary invisibility, allowing her to navigate danger zones unscathed while dealing additional damage to defenses.

Frozen Arrow

Best Hero Equipment For Queen
Best Hero Equipment For Queen

Frozen Arrow is an Epic Hero equipment drop in the game on the Lunar New Year 2024 event in the Clash of Clans. Unlike the common hero abilities, it can upgrade up to 27 levels.

As the name suggests, it can slow down the enemy’s defenses and heroes to 75%. More than that, it increases queen damage per second to 168 which helps to take down the defenses faster than usual.

Whether integrated into a Queen Walk/Bowler Smash, Lavaloon with Queen Walk support, Electro Dragon assault, or Mass Hog Rider with Queen Walk, its impact is profound.

By stalling defenses and enhancing the Queen’s firepower, the Frozen Arrow enables attackers to swiftly dismantle enemy bases with precision and efficiency, offering a powerful advantage in battle.

Giant Arrow

Best Hero Equipment For Queen
Best Hero Equipment For Queen

Giant Arrow, is another interesting hero equipment in the Archer Queen arsenal. Mostly used in lower town hall levels to take down the enemy’s defenses in a single go on a large scale by its projectile damage.

By activating this ability, the queen throws a giant arrow which goes over all over the village in a single line and damages all the buildings and defenses coming in its way.

It is a common hero equipment, meaning it can be upgraded to level 18, and the max level Giant Arrow deals 1950 projectile damage, increases the queen DPS to 132 and increases the hit points to 581.

It is mostly preferred by lower-level town hall players to break the Inferno towers and X bows without using the actual army (Goho and LaLoon)and making their attack easier.

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Final words

These were some of the best hero equipment for Queen. The Invisibility Vial grants invisibility and extra damage, while the Frozen Arrow slows defenses. The Giant Arrow simplifies attacks for lower-level players. Combined, these tools ensure victory in battles.

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