How to Improve Galaxy S23 Series Gaming Performance

When it comes to gaming the S23 series is an absolute beast. I have seen my eSports players using the S23 series which means these phones are great for gaming. The Galaxy S23 series has 2nd generation chipset of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 which is the strongest and the latest chipset till now.

The CPU and GPU have been modified to give better performance compared to the older models. To solve the heating problem during gaming, the company has added a vapour chamber cooling system to enhance performance.

In this article, we will tell you how to improve Galaxy S23 series gaming performance.

Ways to Set up Game Performance Management:

The two ways to set up game performance management in Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra are:

How to set up through the game launcher app

Step 1. Open “Game Launcher App”.

screenshot of galaxy s23 series

Step 2. Tap the More Options icon.

screenshot of samsung s23

Step 3. Tap “Game Booster”.

screenshot of samsung galaxy s23

Step 4. Tap “Labs”.

screenshot of galaxy s23

Step 5. Tap “Alternate game performance management”.

Screenshot of Galaxy s23

How to set the game screen

Step 1. Launch the game and then Swipe Left on the screen.

How to set the game screen

Step 2. Tap the Game Launcher icon and then tap the Settings icon.

How to set the game screen 3 1

Step 3. Tap “Labs”.

How to set the game screen 4

Step 4. Tap “Alternate game performance management”.

How to set the game screen 5
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