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Issue Notice on 100 Diamonds Bonus Event MLBB

Recently, on the 1st of May moonton launched an event in which the players had to recharge 100 diamonds to get the free epic skin of their choice the event turn to have an issue in which the players were not getting the skin they wanted but instead, they got a repeat skin after refreshing with 10 diamonds too.

A lot of players we not happy including me too. I didn’t get the assassin skin I wanted but got the skin I never actually wanted in my account.

Just two days ago, I received an email from Mobile Legends which was like this.

Issue Notice on 100 Diamonds Bonus Event

In this email, we can see that Mobile Legends has admitted their mistake about the issue in this event. This is actually good news for those people who want to get the skin they wanted but didn’t get due to this issue.

As you can see they have said to contact them through their customer service to record the related information and change the skin you acquired to the one you want after they confirm the situation within 3 working days.

But the situation here is how we can actually contact their customer service and how can we change that skin. That’s why we have written this article about the Issue Notice on 100 Diamonds Bonus Event.

How to Contact MLBB About the 100 Diamond Event Issue?

To contact the customer support of MLBB, you can follow the step-by-step guide which we have explained nicely below:

Step 1: First Open Your Mobile Legend and Click on this(Customer Serice).

step 1

Step 2: Then go to the help section and click on “Event Questions and Feedback”.

step 2

Step 3: After this step, Select “100 diamond Bonus Skin Exchange”.

Step 3

Step 4: Now comes the most important part of this application. The application has three questions which are written below:

Step 4
  • In the first question, you have to select the skin you want. In this list, we have all the skins which was in the event so select the one you want in your account.
  • In the second question, you have to select what you got in that event. Keep this thing in mind you have to select only the skin that you got in this event. Else your application will be rejected if you select any other skin.
  • In the third question, you have to select the date on which you opened the chest after recharging the 100 diamonds.

Please Note: If you don’t remember the date you recharged diamonds then you can check your bank account history and check it.


Step 5

Step 5: Click on submit and your application will be submitted successfully.


As we said before it will take around 3 working days for Moonton to take action on your application. If you fill in the information as we guide you then it is for sure that you will get the desired skin you want from this event.

I hope this article has helped you find the answer you were looking for. If you still face any problems regarding this issue, then you can contact us ASAP.

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