Top 5 Phantom Skins in Valorant

In the world of Valorant, the choice of weapon skins is more than just aesthetics but also a way to express your style and flair while eliminating your rivals.

The Phantom is known for its versatility and precision and holds a special place in Valorant enthusiast hearts. This blog post will explore the top 5 phantom skins in Valorant of all time that combine form and function.

Whether you are a fan of futuristic designs, dark and sinister themes, or mythical aesthetics, there is a phantom skin for you. So, let’s dive into the world of Valorant phantom skins and find out which ones are worth adding to your collection.

List of Top 5 Phantom Skins in Valorant

Explore the list of most elite phantom skins in Valorant, each offering a unique blend of style and performance:

Oni Phantom

Top 5 phantom skins in Valorant
  • Bundle: The Oni Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants
  • Variants Name: Galleria Phantom, Kingdom Phantom, and Rush Phantom
  • Price: 1,775 VP

The Oni phantom skin in Valorant is a captivating blend of Japanese folklore and striking design, which makes it the most iconic and demanding skin since its release. It is inspired by the mythical creature Oni demons of Japanese tradition, and it holds features with elaborate details that pay tribute to its theme.

Spectrum Phantom

top 5 phantom skins in Valorant
  • Bundle: The Spectrum Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, Finisher, and Variants
  • Variants Name: Black, Red, PurplePink
  • Price: 2,675 VP

Spectrum Phantom is second in our list of 5 phantom skins in Valorant. It was released on 8 September 2021 and was made in collaboration with Zedd, who worked on the audio elements of this bundle. Spectrum is famous for the electrifying notes that soothe your ears while inspecting the gun. Also, the finisher is beautiful because it changes the skies to colorful, while in the background, Zedd’s addicting beat starts playing.

Ion Phantom

top 5 phantom skins in Valorant
  • Bundle: The Ion Collection
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, Animation, and Finisher
  • Variants Name: Original
  • Price: 1775 VP

The “Ion” Phantom skin in Valorant is recognized for its sleek, futuristic style. It has a sleek, shiny finish with blue accents, giving it a high-tech and cybernetic appearance. The Ion Phantom is well-liked for its clean and minimalist style, making it a popular choice among gamers who like a more modern and sophisticated look for their guns.

Reaver Phantom

Reaver phantom
  • Bundle: Reaver 2.0
  • Upgrades: SFX, new inspect, Animation, and Finisher
  • Variants: Base, Red, Black, and White
  • Original Cost: 1775 VP

If we are talking about the best skins in the Valorant, how can we forget about the Reaver bundle? Reaver Phantom holds 4th position in our list of top 5 phantom skins in Valorant. It was not introduced in the first release of the pile. It was released on 9 August 2022 and did not change much from the original Reaver bundle.

Its iconic dark and edgy looks fit in the Phantom, as well as it does in the original bundle. The headshot bell chime sound of the reaver bundle is so satisfying and the best in the game.

Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom

top 5 phantom skins in Valorant
  • Bundle: Radiant Crisis 001
  • Upgrades: Base, VFX, and Finisher
  • Variants: Original
  • Original Cost: 1775 VP

The Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom was released on 2 November 2021 in the Radiant Crisis 001 bundle with other weapon skins. It holds 5th position in our list of top 5 phantom skins in Valorant because it introduces a unique and new concept that makes the game more attractive and funny with its animation and VFX.

The bundle pays homage to the comic book style, featuring a 2D aesthetic and a special unlockable VFX and finisher. When the weapon is equipped, the VFX creates a sound animation, and the finisher is an intricate comic book-style animation.

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This was one of the best phantom skins in-game, which not only adds aesthetic to your arsenal but also adds your personal preferences and style and elevates your gameplay. Each skin brings its unique charm, offering players diverse options to express themselves on the battlefield.

Whether you are looking for elegance, comic book style, or fantasy, these top 5 phantom skins in Valorant have you covered, ensuring that every shot blends style and precision in Valorant.

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