5 Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners

Beginning your Valorant experience can be intimidating, especially when selecting the appropriate agent. Some characters can be more complex for newcomers to handle than others.

In this blog, “5 Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners “, we discuss five agents that might not be ideal for beginners, from those with confusing abilities to strategies requiring additional expertise.

We hope we’ll help guide your journey into Valorant with greater ease!

List of Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners


Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners
Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners

Yoru, an agent in Valorant, stands out as being less accessible for beginners due to his complex abilities that require an in-depth knowledge of maps and gaming dynamics.

Yoru’s toolkit centers around deception and unpredictability, requiring players to strategically utilize his arsenal of deceptive teleportation and flashbang devices to be successful with him.

Mastering Yoru requires an in-depth knowledge of map layouts to capitalize on teleportation effectively while surprising opponents off guard.

Yoru’s ultimate ability, which renders him invisible and invulnerable, requires an expert sense of game flow and timing.

For beginners just learning the game’s fundamentals, his unique abilities may prove challenging to use effectively, making him one of the less forgiving choices on their Valorant adventure.


Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners
Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners

Harbor, the latest addition to Valorant’s agent roster, emerged onto the scene in October 2022 as a controller hailing from India.

Introduced to counter the overwhelming 100% pick rate of Viper, Harbor brings a distinctive set of skills to the table.

His kit comprises Cove (Q), a unique bullet-proof smoke, High Tide (E), and Cascade (C). Notably, his ultimate ability, Reckoning (X), is a potent tool for executing site plays and staging retakes.

However, player feedback suggests that, despite his strategic potential, Harbor’s abilities might be perceived as less engaging than Viper’s.

The challenge lies in mastering the intricacies of his toolkit, a task made more demanding by the suitability of his skills for specific maps, with Pearl standing out as a fitting battleground.

As Valorant continues to evolve, Harbor’s presence introduces a fresh dynamic to the game, prompting players to explore new strategies and navigate the complexities of this enigmatic controller from the vibrant landscapes of India.

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Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners
Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners

Deadlock, introduced in Episode 7 Act 1 on June 27 or 28, 2023, has quickly earned himself the reputation as a challenging choice for newcomers in Valorant.

Her abilities, such as Barrier Mesh (E), Sonic Sensor (Q), GravNet (C), and Annihilation (X), seem to lack the practical use new players often need.

Utilizing her toolkit efficiently, such as setting barriers and managing Sonic Sensor, may present an extensive learning curve to those still getting acquainted with the fundamentals of the game.

Annihilation, her ultimate ability, requires precise positioning and timing, making it less accommodating for newcomers. Deadlock offers experienced players unparalleled strategic capabilities.

However, newcomers may find her less intuitive compared to the more straightforward options found in Valorant and may face difficulties mastering her agent abilities.


Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners
Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners

Breach, Valorant’s seismic disruptor, stands out as a less beginner-friendly agent due to its complex abilities and various subtleties.

Breach’s toolkit features powerful seismic blasts that disrupt enemy positions or hinder opponents.

Beginners often struggle to master Breach’s precise timing and coordination capabilities, creating a daunting challenge for themselves.

Complexity increases further when considering that Breach acts as a supportive agent; optimal use of his abilities requires effective teamwork and communication with random teammates. Solo queuing may present particular difficulties when using Breach alone.

Beginners looking to unlock the full potential of Breach may find it helpful to assemble a group with friends or teammates, creating an environment conducive to strategizing and executing well-timed disruptions on the battlefield.

Solo players exploring Valorant may find Breach less forgiving without the support of an organized group.


Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners
Worst Agents In Valorant For Beginners

Astra, Valorant’s celestial manipulator, stands out among less beginner-friendly agents due to her sophisticated abilities.

Astra’s toolkit involves tapping into the force of nature to influence battlefield tactics, necessitating an intimate knowledge of map dynamics and strategic foresight.

For beginners, grappling with Astra’s astral forms and their respective effects may prove daunting.

Controlling large areas such as Astra requires understanding map layout, precise timing, and strategic placement.

Achieving mastery requires developing game sense, which may prove challenging for those new to Valorant.

Navigating Astra’s celestial powers requires patience and devotion when learning their intricacies. She offers less support to beginners just starting the game.

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Final Thoughts

These were the five worst agents in Valorant for beginners. For Valorant beginners, choosing the right agent wisely is very crucial. Opting for the more straightforward agent provides a smooth learning curve, allowing beginners to grasp the fundamentals of the game mechanics more efficiently. As the game evolves, players can explore and master the more complex agent, ensuring the reward in the Valorant journey.

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