Valorant Champions Bundle 2023- All you need to know

Valorant will drop the new Valorant Champions Bundle 2023 to celebrate the grandest event of the year, VCT Champions 2023, like the previous two years. In the tournament, the top 16 teams around the globe will fight against each other in Los Angeles from every region- Americas, EMEA, Pacific, and China to be the world’s best Valorant team and to take the gorgeous VCT trophy at their home.

What items will you get in the Champions Bundle 2023?

Champions Bundle 2023

RIOT Games will drop the new bundle very soon in the game, including Vandal skin, Knife skin, Spray, gun buddy, and the Player card. The Vandal’s skin has overlaid with the VCT logo and has a purplish glow on a body of gold and black. The vandal skin has an impressive radial effect which will activate when you have 30 kills in the game, and the champion’s aura effect starts when you have the highest number of kills in the match.

Good news for the Jett players! The Jett Kunai Blade is also returning as the Champions kunai blade 2023, bringing a new vibe and having the cleanest design and animations with the glowing VCT logo.

Champions Bundle 2023

When you kill the last standing enemy or get killed by this skin, its finisher will raise your character’s body alongside the great trophy into the air. There is also good news for the esports team because the RIOT Games has decided to donate the 50% of the revenue to them, an outstanding initiative by the developers to support their esports scene in the gaming community.

Champions Bundle 2023
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What is the release date and price of the Champions Bundle 2023?

Champions Bundle 2023

This Valorant new Champions Bundle 2023 is expected to release on 4th August and will leave the game store forever on 29th August. This bundle will not be available later, even in the Night market of the game, where skins with lower price rates than usual.

The estimated cost of this Champions Bundle 2023 is expected to be 6200 VP based on the previous Champions Bundles. The Vandal will cost 2,675VP whereas the knife will cost 5,350 VP if you purchase skins individually, which will be a bad option because it makes both items more expensive than buying the whole bundle.

Moreover, the player card will cost 375 VP, the gun-buddy will cost 475 VP, and the Wingman spray will cost 325 VP if you buy these items independently.

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