Facebook Instagram Down! Unable to Login

Facebook, Instagram, and Threads saw a massive outage, reported by various users online. Users’ accounts got automatically logged out, and while trying to re-login, the dialogue appeared “An expected error occurred. Please try logging in again.”

When Did the Outage Begin?

The outage of Meta platforms began around 3:30 PM UTC. Various users reported having trouble sending texts, and some users’ accounts got logged out automatically. And when they tried to log in again, they could not.

FAcebook down
Facebook Down
Unexpected error on facebook
Unexpected error on Facebook
Instagram Down
Instagram Down
Instagram failed to load
Instagram failed to load

When It Will be Fixed?

It could be a technical glitch on their end. They are probably working to fix it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, use alternate social platforms such as Telegram to communicate with your friends and family.

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