Chinese Security Firm Releases ‘Cyber Terrorism Against Sikhs in India’: Report

Chinese Security Firm Releases 'Cyber Terrorism Against Sikhs in India'

A Beijing-based major software Company, Qihoo360 Technology, released a cyber-security report asserting that in India, Sikhs with the religious and political inclination and Khalistan Referendum 2020 websites and mobile apps are under attack from Indian cyber mercenary group “APT C-35”. 

As per the report, APT C-35 Indian mercenary cyber group has launched several phishing websites and mobile apps relating to Referendum 2020 as bait to target pro Khalistan Sikhs in India. 

According to Qihoo 360, “there is an ongoing phishing and spyware distribution campaign targeting Sikhs in India. There are approximately 30 million Sikhs, followers of a 15th-century monotheistic religion, and most of them live in Punjab, India.”

The report further reveals that many people in this religious group seek political and regional independence, so they have been accused of pro-separatism and anti-India propaganda. This malware distribution campaign exploits precisely that aspect of Sikhism, so it’s highly targeted and has very specific motives.

After Canadian Blackberry’s report, the Chinese Security Firm has also confirmed that every Sikh with a religious or political inclination is a target of cyber terrorism in Modi’s India, stated Gurpatwant Singh Pannum, General Counsel to SFJ.