New Mindseye Game: The Possible Grand Theft Auto 6 Contender

The Ex-Rockstar Games North President Leslie Benzies’s team developed a new potential competitor of GTA 6 in the gaming community. Benzies Studios, also known as Build a Rocket Boy (BARB), first announced their project “Everywhere” in 2017, and the concept of this game is to provide players with multiple games in a single universe. Recently, Build a Rocket Boy has teased us with a new game, Mindseye Game, which will be set on futuristic Earth.

What Will Be The Story of the Mindseye Game?

Mindseye game

Mindseye game is an open-world game set in a futuristic timeline, and we can see in the teaser the graphics of this game are realistic and stylish, making it a high-octane AAA game. The action of this game is unbelievable, and all the elements present in the game are very sharp and highly detailed, which will make you feel that you are also present in the game world.

Mindseye game

The story of this game starts with our male protagonist having some problems with his brain. He is suffering from a disease and asks for help from the game’s antagonists, which is not shown in the trailer our main character is just talking with them. They fitted some virus or futuristic technology affecting the brain and ruining his life.

So he decided to fight against them and find a solution for this virus to stop controlling his life and start living like an average human once again. This will be the game’s main plot, but it is an open-world game players can do side missions and many other things which generally happen in this type of game.

Fans Expectations

mindseye game
Everywhere Game Trailer

According to Leslie Benzies, owner of Build a Rocket Boy, they have been on the secret for this game for an extended period. The concept of their project “Everywhere” is that they will provide multiple dimensions and universes in a single platform, which means they are trying to create their metaverse, and “Mindseye Games” is the start of their metaverse. Listening to this announcement created a lot of excitement and expectation among the fans. This type of content is unique and new to the gaming industry, hoping it will be the perfect GTA 6 rival.

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