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Embark on the journey to be the world’s best Pokemon trainer on Pokemon charged red. It is a (GBA) game boy advanced remake version of the Pokemon Fire Red in English developed by a Pokemon fan, Rage_RG. We explore the latest features of this updated game version and provide a download guide in this blog. So, read the whole blog and download the game on your Android device, Be the Number 1 Pokemon Trainer in the world.

Story & Cool Features of Pokemon Charged Red

pokemon charged red

Pokemon charged red is an adventurous game with a regular story but has many twists and turns, more challenging tasks, and more missions than the previous version. In this game, you have the main character Ash Ketchum itself, and you have to control him throughout his journey of becoming the ultimate Pokemon trainer while catching all the 151 Pokemon present in the world and battling against the evil team Plasma which will be the primary hindrance present in front of your journey.

pokemon charged red

In this game, there are more than 150 fused Pokemon which is the combination of the two Pokemon forming a unique creature with special moves and abilities, making it more powerful than their previous, allowing players to stay more engaged in the game story.

pokemon charged red

The most exciting feature of this game is that it allows you to battle online against other players playing this game around the globe and also supports the PVP offline mode battles, allowing players to fight against their friends and family.

pokemon charged red

The developer of Pokemon charged red also made sure to redesign the maps, improvise the 3D graphics, Pokemon moves, and fighting style, and add fairy type and their actions plus, it introduced 13 new rare Pokemon, which will be challenging to find and catch in your Pokeball, delivering players a whole new game in this improvised edition of the Pokemon Fire Red.

pokemon charged red
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How to Download Pokemon Charged Red On Your Device?

You can download this game on your Android device without any problem. All you need is to follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and search “Pokemon charged red” from technical soul.com or any other trusted website like ours.
  • After opening the site, go to the download button given below in the section and download the file from there.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, remember: Did you have the “Unknown sources” setting enabled? If enabled, click the install button and start playing your game by tapping the icon.
  • If not, enable it from the device settings. Enable and navigate to Settings > Privacy (or Security) > Unknown sources.

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