Pokemon Quetzal v0.6.4 For Pokemon Fanatics

Today we bring you another fantastic popular fan-made Pokemon game, Pokemon Quetzal, a remastered version of the Pokemon FireRed game developed by the Tenmarh in English.

It introduces players to challenges, new characters, new storylines, and new Pokemon and maps in the classic Pokemon game style.

This article will focus on the latest version features and bring you the downloading link to install this adventurous Pokemon game on your devices.

Pokemon Quetzal Walkthrough

pokemon quetzal

Pokemon Quetzal is a perfect addition to the Pokemon world. It features a brand new region called Quetzal, where you have to collect and train the ultimate and rare Pokemon.

Players get engaged in the game for long hours by battling against gym leaders and trainers, allowing them to gain battle experience and become the ultimate Pokemon trainer of the quetzal region.

What’s new in v0.6.4?

pokemon quetzal
  • The newer version introduces seven new playable characters in the game’s world, making the game more fascinating.
  • A new quest system has been added, making the game more adventurous.
  • Devs also update the game’s AI, music, and graphics, enhancing the game’s overall experience.
  • Moreover, they fixed the bugs and errors.
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Download Pokemon Quetzal

Install this excellent Pokemon game on your Android devices by clicking the download button in the section. Before installing the game file on your device, enable the Unknown Sources settings to install this game.

Once the game is installed, grab your Pokeballs and capture your favorite Pokemon.

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