Joe Goldberg’s Return: YOU Season 5 Release Date

Hello, YOU! Waiting for Season 5, huh? Well, you’re at the right place at the right time. In this article, we will discuss YOU Season 5 Release date. Also, a little recap of what happened in the previous episodes.

Season 5 of YOU was announced back on March 24, 2023, via a Tweet from Netflix. It is expected to launch anytime in 2024.

The sad news for Joe Goldberg’s fans is – Season 5 is going to be the final season of the show. It was officially confirmed by Netflix, as well as the creators themselves.

Anyway, let’s not get gloomy over it. Let’s have a glimpse of some of the best things that happened in this show so far.

YOU Season 5 Release date
YOU Season 5 Release Date

‘YOU’ Storyline…

YOU‘ is a psychological thriller series starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, who is an obsessive stalker & lover. Besides, he goes through some mental issues due to his traumatic past.

Joe can do anything for a girl that he falls in love with, which includes even if he has to kill somebody. However, before getting into a relationship, he stalks and collects every feasible detail about his partner.

He uses Social Media accounts, as well as physical presence near his prey for his obsessive stalking.
Goldberg has an Anti-social and Narcissistic personality, which often results in sinister offenses.

Done with the storyline of the show for newcomers. Now, we’re going to summarise the story from season to season briefly.

Spoiler Alert ⚠️
The season plots may contain spoilers. Hence, read accordingly.

YOU Season 1 Plot

YOU Season 1

In the first season, we see Joe Golberg in New York, as a manager of a bookstore owned by Ivan Mooney, portrayed by Mark Blum. After Joe was abandoned by his mother, Ivan Mooney adopted him and taught him to love books and how to take care of them.

Later, he has an encounter with Guinevere Beck, portrayed by Elizabeth Lail, at his bookstore. Beck aspires to be an author. Later, Joe starts stalking her obsessively. And finally, they both get into a relationship.

Joe keeps having flashbacks of his ex, Candace Stone, portrayed by Ambyr Childers. Beck starts having unusual doubts about Joe and his past, but he reassures her with lies. Yet, their relationship takes a tragic turn when Beck finds out about Joe’s creepy stalking habit.

YOU Season 2 Plot

YOU Season 2

In the second season, Joe Golberg returns, but as Will Bettelheim, in Los Angeles. This time, he works at a bookstore again, but as a storekeeper at Anavrin. There he meets his new prey, Love Quinn, portrayed by Victoria Pedritti, who turns out to be the owner of the bookstore Anavrin.

Love has a twin brother named Forty Quinn, portrayed by James Scully. Moreover, Joe now has a neighbor Delilah Alves, portrayed by Carmela Zumbado, and her younger sister Ellie Alves, portrayed by Jenna Ortega. Candace finds that Joe’s in Los Angeles, she follows him, and tricks Forty into falling for her.

Thereafter, Delilah finds out the truth that Joe is an obsessive stalker. But Joe locks her up in a cage, only to find out Delilah’s corpse later, even though he doesn’t remember killing her.

YOU Season 3 Plot

YOU Season 3

In the third season, Love and Joe are married, and raising their boy, Henry. They are now in a new neighborhood in Madre Linda, a Californian Suburb. Despite having a perfect ongoing life, Joe continues repeating his obsessive habits of the past.

He is now gazing at a new prey, his neighbor, Natalie Engler, portrayed by Michaela McManus. Love wants to open a bakery in Madre Linda, Natalie offers her help with the perfect real estate to start a bakery. On the other hand, Joe keeps staring at Natalie’s daily routine, while working at a local library.

Later, Love finds out that Joe’s back with his old habits, and this time, it’s their neighbor. So she calls Natalie to help her with that new real estate and ends up murdering her in the basement. Which takes another tragic turn in Joe’s life.

YOU Season 4 Plot

YOU Season 4

In the fourth season, Joe escapes his past once again, with a new identity, Jonathan Moore. This time, he works as an English Professor at a university. He becomes friends with his fellow professor, Malcolm Harding, portrayed by Stephen Hagan, as he saves his girlfriend, Kate Galvin, portrayed by Charlotte Ritchie.

Later, Malcolm invites Joe to a party, where he ends up intoxicating enough to pass out. The next day morning, Joe finds Malcolm dead on his table, which he doubts was killed by him. So he dumps his body to get rid of evidence. Then he starts receiving anonymous texts from Malcolm’s real killer.

Thereafter, the killer tells Joe to kill Kate. But instead, he starts protecting Kate, who later develops feelings for Joe. After that, Joe starts analyzing all of Kate’s friends in the hope of finding the real killer.

YOU Season 5 Release Date

In March 2023, YOU Season 5 was renewed via an official notification. And now, YOU Season 5 is anticipated to launch in 2024. However, the exact date is yet unknown. It’s also said that the filming of You Season 5 will begin in Spring 2024. If so, fans can expect the official release announcement in mid-2025. Plus, Season 5 will be the final season.

Moreover, also the production of this series is said to be delayed due to the Writers Guild of America 2023 and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Additionally, there are some rumors regarding Season 5 that it will launch in September/October 2024, as the last season was launched in March 2023. And, the previous seasons were launched in September, October, and December respectively. So fans are trying to make a release pattern for the series.

What Would be YOU Season 5 Plot?

So, as we see in the final episode of Season 4, Joe reveals his real identity to Kate after he was saved after a suicidal attempt. And how Kate helped cover up Joe’s link to Rhys Montrose’s death. He even admits to killing Edward and framing Nadia. And also tells Kate about his ex-wife, Love Quinn.

Later, with the help of media owned by Kate’s father, Joe revives his public image as his ex’s escaped victim.

So what would happen in Season 5?

As Joe returns to New York, his past may start haunting him again. In the Netflix Tudum video, Penn Badgley revealed that one of the victims from his past will come back in Season 5.

Guess, what? It could be anyone. Just remember from the series, how many people Joe Goldberg has wronged.

It could be anyone from these people – Dr. Nicky, the psychiatrist whom Joe framed for the murder of Guinevere Beck. Ellie Alves, whom Joe abandoned after Delilah’s death. Think of the annoying and bizarre Conrads (Sherry & Cary) from Season 3, who overheard Joe and Love’s conversation, in which Love yells, “I killed Natalie for you.”

Here’s the teaser of YOU Season 5 in which Penn Badgely gives a hint of the plot.

Love Quinn to be Back in Season 5?

Oh! No. How could that happen? How can a person, who died in the previous season, come back in a new season?

Well, this is still one of the biggest mysteries which is going to be revealed shortly after the release of Season 5.

Back to the question – Is Love Quinn Really Back in Season 5?

As per the trailer of YOU S04 Part 2, we see Joe narrating, “You know my favorite thing about love, it gives you second chances“.

And then we can see Love Quinn in a cage, the same cage Joe uses for his victims, along with books.

In the cage, Love is sitting on a chair, reading the book with the title “A Good Man in a Cruel World“. This book is written by Rhys Montrose, one of the main antagonist characters in YOU Season 4.

Then she looks at Joe and says, “Hello, Joe“.

YOU All Seasons Cast

Season 1 Cast

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg
  • Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck
  • Luca Padovan as Paco
  • Zach Cherry as Ethan Russell
  • Shay Mitchel as Peach Salinger

Season 2 Cast

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, using the pseudonym Will Bettelheim
  • Victoria Pedritti as Love Quinn
  • James Scully as Forty Quinn
  • Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves
  • Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves
  • Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone

Season 3 Cast

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, no pseudonym this time
  • Victoria Pedritti as Love Quinn
  • Saffron Burrows as Dottie Quinn
  • Tati Gabrielle as Marriene Bellamy
  • Shalita Grant as Sherry Conrad
  • Travis Van Winkle as Cary Conrad
  • Dylan Arnold as Theo Engler

Season 4 Cast

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, now using the pseudonym Jonathan Moore
  • Tati Gabrielle as Marianne Bellamy
  • Charlotte Ritchie as Kate Galvin
  • Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran
  • Ed Speelers as Rhys Montrose
  • Lukas Gage as Adam Pratt

Season 5 Cast

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, no pseudonym this time
  • Charlotte Ritchie as Kate Galvin
  • Ed Speelers as Rhys Montrose
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran
  • Victoria Pedritti as Love Quinn (Expected)
  • Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves (Expected)
  • Shalita Grant as Sherry Conrad (Expected)
  • Travis Van Winkle as Cary Conrad (Expected)
  • John Stamos as Dr. Nicky (Expected)

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