Evolution in Action: 10 Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant

Welcome to our new blog, “10 Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant,” especially for the CSGO and Valorant fans. As we all know, the Valorant movements and gunplay mechanics are inspired by the OG FPS tactical shooter game Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Now, the devs of CSGO are going to release their new game CSGO using the source engine 2, as the rumor has said that it is going to be released on 23 September, which has been extended because the developers want to deliver a polished product, instead rushing to release the game with bugs and errors.

In this extended period, they also inspired some exciting features from the Valorant to furnish their game and deliver old vibes from CS Times with new graphics and exhilarating elements. This blog will embark on the journey of 10 features CSGO 2 borrowed from Valorant and provide you with a list.

Pick your favorite weapon and delve into the battlefield of FPS tactical shooting games.

1. Buying Menu

10 Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant
10 Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant

Counter-Strike 2 brings a prior update to its buy menu system, which was in wheel style in CSGO. As seen in the above images, the CS2 has a similar in-game buying menu in the grid style, identical to the Valorant buy menu systems.

2. Number of rounds

In Counter-Strike, there were two modes of competitive matches: a short-length competitive mode in which the team has to secure nine rounds first to win the game and a long-length competitive way in which the team has to ensure 16 rounds first to win the match.

However, the CS2 valve had removed the short-length competitive mode. It adopted the MR12 format, which means now the first team to win 13 rounds will be considered a winner of that match, which is also an exciting feature of the Valorant.

3. Follow the Recoil feature

The “Follow Recoil” feature is one of the most apparent features CSGO 2 borrowed from Valorant. You can turn it on from the in-game settings, and your crosshair will follow the gun’s recoil pattern, allowing you to see the bullets shot where they are going. It is similar to the Valorant feature “ADS Mode,” where crosshair will follow the gun recoil, and players can see the gunshots.

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4. Gameplay UI

Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant
Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant

The UI features of Counter-Strike 2 have changed, but they appear familiar when compared to Valorant. For example, the UI’s health and ammo count indications have been moved to the bottom center. The player cards, time, and score are now at the top of the screen. Valorant has had it exactly this way all along. We’ve provided a gameplay screenshot of both titles in the above images, where you can see the similarity between the gameplay UI of this game.

5. Anti-Cheat now Stops Matches

Anti-Cheat now ends games, a great feature CSGO 2 borrowed from Valorant. Players will likely notice significant improvements with Valve’s improved anti-cheat for Counter-Strike 2. The noteworthy difference is that similar to Valorant’s Vanguard, the anti-cheat system in Counter-Strike 2 would ban cheaters employing hacks (such as aimbots, wallhacking, spin-botting, and so on) in the middle of a match.

6. Grenade Landing Position Preview

Features CSGO 2 Borrowed From Valorant

Valve also makes sure to add a unique feature from the Valorant that shows the preview of the grenade landing position, which was unavailable in the CSGO.

For example, in Valorant Brimstone, the character can quickly place smoke by using his abilities to designate the relevant areas on the map. When the player activates the power, the smoke will land and begin to appear at the designated locations.

7. New UI for Kill Count

Counter-Strike 2 now has a tool for commemorating your kill count. Every kill adds a playing card to the bottom of the UI, which then stacks up based on your kill count. When you acquire an ace in a round, the deck completes, and the UI changes further. This is done to make the player feel appreciated for killing five enemies and eradicating the entire opposing team.

This feature resembles the Valorant UI kill count. Whenever a player kills a player, a skull appears in the middle of the screen, and the more you kill the enemies, the more loud and intense the sound of the kills more loud and enthusiastic. When players secure the Ace game, they announce the game UI celebrates it with a fierce sound effect.

8. Footstep in CS2 Minimap

The creators of Counter-Strike 2 have changed the in-game radar to display a visual signal for a player’s movement noises. As a result, when you jump, land, or run in-game, the radar will precisely indicate how far the player’s movement activities can be heard. Concentric circles will appear around your position on the minimap, which shows the enemies’ positions.

9. Gun Refund

Gun refunding after purchasing also features CSGO 2 borrowed from Valorant. Valve added this prominent feature in the game, which will be very useful for players like me who accidentally buy guns and cannot sell them in CSGO. This feature will enable players to work according to strategy even after making silly mistakes like this.

10. Colorful Map Designs

There are a lot of graphical improvements in the maps of Counter-Strike 2, making the game more lively and vibrant. It helps to deliver a modern-day gaming vibe, which is driven by the Source Engine 2. These map designs and upgrades made by the Valve of CS2 give the vibes of Valorant maps, which are more colorful and vibrant.

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