60 Best Mobile Legends Quotes 2024

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Moonton. This game is designed specifically for mobile players and is very popular globally. The graphics and the skins this game has brought till now are amazing.

Personally, this game is one of my favorite ones too. The heroes in this game have specific quotes which they repeatedly say during the game. If you looking for the best mobile legends quotes, then we have some amazing quotes that you are going to love for sure.

The Best Mobile Legends Quotes Said by Heros

  1. “Victory is just a distraction from the pain of existence.” – Vale
  2. “Let’s enjoy our lives to the fullest!” – Lylia
  3. “I may look young, but I’m a tough guy.” – Claude
  4. “The world is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered.” – Faramis
  5. “The moon has a dark side and a bright side, just like me.” – Chang’e
  6. “The battlefield is where I belong.” – Gusion
  7. “To fight is to live. To fight with honor is to be a true warrior.” – Alucard
  8. “I am justice itself.” – Martis
  9. “Life and death are a cycle that should not be disturbed.” – Lunox
  10. “Magic lies in the unknown.” – Pharsa
  1. “I shall shape my own future.” – Guinevere
  2. “The sword is my soul.” – Leomord
  3. “I’m the shadow at noon, the light at midnight.” – Ling
  4. “The future is my responsibility.” – Harith
  5. “Death is the only truth in this world.” – Helcurt
  6. “May my blade be sharp.” – Argus
  7. “I was born to be awesome.” – Harley
  8. “Do not let the dragon consume you.” – Selena
  9. “Every step is a prayer for peace.” – Esmeralda
  10. “I will bring back the light.” – Cecilion
  11. “I’m on a whole other level.” – Lesley
  12. “The wind whispers my name.” – Hanabi
  13. “Embrace the darkness and it will never betray you.” – Karina
  14. “I am the ruler of the seas!” – Phoveus
  15. “Justice shall prevail!” – Tigreal
  16. “I am a creature of the night.” – Irithel
  17. “May the stars bless us.” – Kadita
  18. “I am a master of the dark arts.” – Valir
  19. “My skills, like my dreams, know no bounds.” – Yi Sun-Shin
  20. “Strength must be absolute!” – Jawhead
  1. “The abyss is my home.” – Dyrroth
  2. “Freedom is the right of all beings.” – Atlas
  3. “The fire of vengeance burns bright.” – Hanzo
  4. “I’ll show you the way of the sword.” – Silvanna
  5. “Nature will always protect us.” – Nana
  6. “I’ll never let you down.” – Bane
  7. “Life must be cherished.” – Angela
  8. “The future will be bright!” – Layla
  9. “Every mistake is a lesson.” – Bruno
  10. “The hunt begins!” – Roger
  11. “I am the ultimate weapon.” – Granger
  12. “I’m invincible!” – Zhask
  13. “I’m the puppet master.” – Atlas
  14. “I am the ruler of lightning.” – Odette
  15. “The only sin is weakness.” – Leomord
  16. “I will be the best!” – Lancelot
  17. “Every dream is a gamble.” – Claude
  18. “I am a wanderer.” – Lapu-Lapu
  19. “Embrace the night.” – Cecilion
  20. “I’ll be your worst nightmare.” – Harith
  21. “I am the angel of death.” – Helcurt
  22. “Every strike is a lesson.” – Alpha
  23. “I’ll be your light in the dark.” – Lunox
  24. “The stars will guide us.” – Selena
  25. “I’ll bring balance to this world.” – Esmeralda
  26. “I’ll be the protector of justice.” – Martis
  27. “The abyss calls to me.” – Khufra
  28. “The fire within me cannot be quenched.” – Valir
  29. “I’ll be the hero this world needs.” – Gusion
  30. “Darkness will be my ally.” – Karina


So, these were the 60 best quotes for mobile legends. If you want more quotes to add to this list, then hit us via our email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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