Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion In Clash of Clans

Greetings and Welcome back to the third installment of our exploration into the optimal hero equipment, this time for our Royal Champion.

The latest game update introduces two exciting additions to the Royal Champion arsenal: Hog Rider Puppet and Haste Vial, expanding the options from the previous two default equipment.

Let’s delve into the Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion to maximize her effectiveness on the battlefield.

Hog Rider Puppet

Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion
Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion

Barbarian King has a barbarian puppet, Archer Queen has an archer puppet, and now the Royal Champion will have a Hog Rider Puppet which will unlock at blacksmith level 7. Works the same as the name of its equipment, which will summon 9 hog riders of the max level while activating the max level ability on the battlefield.

It will work as tanking the Royal Champion because it will make her invisible for 1 second and the upcoming damage on her will transfer onto her hog riders, also leading to taking down the defense and cleaning up the rest of the building with ease.

More than that, this hero equipment will increase the hit point to 570 and also recover the health up to 1000hp.

Haste Vial

Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion
Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion

On Blacksmith level 8 we will get another piece of equipment for the Royal Champion which is Haste Vial. As the name suggests, it will increase the speed of the RC to 38.3 and the attack speed will increase to 100% to 12 seconds.

Moreover, it also boosts the hero’s meaning, increasing her DPS to 88 and attack speed will increase to 18% for the rest of the attack.

To employ the Haste Vial efficiently, deploy the Royal Champion strategically during critical stages of the attack. Activate the vial when she’s in range of key targets to capitalize on the speed boost and increased attack rate, swiftly neutralizing defenses or supporting allied troops.

Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion

Discover the ultimate power of the Royal Champion with the best gear combination for her, ensuring unparalleled dominance on the battlefield.

Raging Stampede

Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion
Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion

For hybrid attacks, combining the Hog Rider Puppet with the Haste Vial unleashes chaos on the battlefield. The Royal Champion summons nine Hog Riders, while the Haste Vial accelerates her speed, allowing her to swiftly demolish enemy defenses and dismantle the base with unparalleled ferocity. This lethal combination ensures a swift and decisive victory for the attacking forces.

Guardian’s Reinforcement

Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion
Best Hero Equipment for Royal Champion

The seeking shield paired with the hog rider puppet forms a potent combination for smash and Air Spam strategies. With the seeking shield targeting up to four defenses at once, the Royal Champion gains enhanced defensive capabilities, while the hog rider puppet reinforces the offensive onslaught by summoning additional troops. This duo provides a balanced approach, combining defense and offense seamlessly to overpower enemy bases effectively.

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Final Words

The Hog Rider Puppet and Haste Vial offer dynamic options for enhancing the Royal Champion’s prowess in battle, whether in offense or defense. These new equipment additions promise to revolutionize strategies and lead to triumphant victories on the battlefield.

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