Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army

Stepping into the splendor of Clash of Clans brings a new era of strategic warfare. As players approach the pinnacle of their base development, the hunt for the perfect army takes place.

Town Hall 16 features a plethora of powerful troops and spells, each adding to the complexities of a successful strategy.

In this blog, “Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army” we’ll look at the diverse landscape of Town Hall 16 armies, exploring the synergies and strategies that define success on the battlefield.

From efficient farming to dominating in clan wars, join us on a quest to find the greatest Town Hall 16 army compositions for victory in the ever-competitive world of Clash of Clans.

5 Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army

This blog section will discuss the top 5 armies of Town Hall 16 that will help you easily get 3 stars in war attacks.

Zap Lalo

The first army in our blog, “Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army,” you should use in clan wars to get 3 stars is Zap Lalo. In this attack, you are going to use six zap spells and one earthquake spell to take down the heavy compartment without losing a single unit.

After that, you can deploy your Log launcher and max level king with Rage vial and Giant Gauntlet, as well as pet Phoenix on it, from the side of destroyed defenses, which you did by zap and earthquake spells. Push your king in the core by creating a funnel with the help of other troops such as Sneaky Goblins, Super Barbarians, and Baby Dragons. The Log Launcher will help to create the path for the king and himself. It will also cause some damage to defenses that come in its way and also destroy the walls.

From the top side, deploy the Ice Golem, Queen Archer, and Royal Champion with Unicorn and Spirit Fox, respectively. After clearing the clan castle troops and taking down the town hall, you can simply start the lalo from the lower side of the base and clear the rest of the defenses and buildings with the grand warden’s ability on them.

Dragon Spam

There is nothing better than spamming the dragon on the base. One of the easiest armies to learn and get 3 stars in an attack. All you need in this attack are your max-level dragons with max Hero equipment.

Starting with deploying the queen on any corner side of the base and deploying 2 dragons on the parallel corner to create the funnel to send your dragons to the core with the warden rage gem. In clan castle troops, you will use Yetis and sneaky goblins to take down the town hall.

You have to freeze the defenses, which damages the dragon a lot and also carry two max-level heal spells to heal the dragon. Deploy the king and royal champion according to your needs and the situation of the attack.

The Queen Charge

The Queen Charge with Root Riders is also an excellent attacking strategy on Town Hall 16. Starting with deploying the queen on the side from which you can get the high value of the defenses and create a funnel for the queen by using troops such as sneaky goblins and baby dragons.

On the other side, deploy the King and Siege Barrack, take down some defenses with them, and in the middle of the base, start spamming the Root Riders with the Apprentice Warden and Grand Warden having the default abilities at max level. Also, keep in mind to rage the root riders to deal extra damage and clear the heavy compartment with ease.

The Royal Champion with her pet the spirit fox is going with the main army to assist the root riders and take two root riders in the clan castle troops.

Super Bowler Smash

The second last army in our blog, “Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army,” is Super Bowler Smash. Starting with the Warden Walk on the corner side of the base from the Townhall side, Create the funnel with sneaky and super barbarians.

After taking some crucial defenses, create the funnel from another side of the base and deploy the King and Siege Barrack. They will get directly into the core after that. On the warden side, start deploying Super Wall Breaker, Ice Golem, Archer Queen, and Super Bowlers will start their work and defeat the heavy compartment with ease. Keep one thing in mind don’t let your superbowlers go on their bowling; that will lead to a failed attack.

Moreover, you can easily clear the bases with the old Hero equipment which means you don’t need to upgrade the new Hero equipment or pets to destroy the bases.

Super Archer Hydra

The last army on our list of the Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army is Super Archer Hydra. In this army, we have to attack the same as the Dragon Spam army. Starting with spamming dragons, balloons, and dragon riders on the opposite side of the town hall, with the warden having a rage gem on it.

After spamming, deploy your battle blimp. When the battle blimp is going to leave the aura of the warden, make sure to activate the eternal tome and release the super archers in whatever compartment you want to. Clone the super archers with the clone spell, make them invisible with the invisibility spells and don’t forget to deploy rage on them to deal extra damage.

Clear the rest of the base with heroes and troops already present in the base.

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Final Words

Conquer Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 with our top 5 armies! From the swift Zap Lalo to the relentless Dragon Spam, our blog, “Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Army,” guides you to 3-star victories in Clan Wars. Whether you prefer the tactical finesse of Queen Charge or the brute force of Super Bowler Smash, these strategies guarantee success on the battlefield. Dominate with the best Town Hall 16 army compositions and reign supreme in the competitive world of Clash of Clans

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