5 Best TWS Under 3000 to Buy in India

Welcome to our blog, where we explore the world of True Wireless Earbuds (TWS), your perfect audio companion, without breaking the bank! You have come to the right place if you’re looking for the best TWS under 3000 INR.

We will delve into a range of affordable options that offer top-notch sound quality, impressive features, and a wire-free listening experience without spending too much money on it.

Let’s prepare to find your best TWS under 3000 that strikes the perfect balance between price and performance!

Qualities to Look for in the Best TWS Under 3000

When searching for the best TWS under 3000 INR, try considering these qualities to narrow down your list:

  • Clear and balanced audio with good bass.
  • Ergonomic design for extended wear.
  • Decent playtime and quick charging.
  • Stable and reliable connection.
  • Also, have an Active Noise Cancellation feature.
  • Sweat and water-resistant for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Trustworthy brands with good customer support.

List of Best TWS under 3000

Skullcandy Jib

Best TWS Under 3000
Best TWS Under 3000
Model NameS2JTW-P751
ColorLight Gray Blue
Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

The Skullcandy Jib is one of the best-looking earbuds you will get, with all the features you need in your wireless earbuds. It gives you a modern and stylish look when you use them while providing you with all the comfort and audio quality with its ergonomic design.

Talking about its features, it offers a lot of functionality to its users, such as it has a last-longing battery life, which can stand up to 22 hours on one time full charge. It also includes a dual mic, IPx4 sweat and water resistant, making itself suitable for gym and fitness enthusiasts.

Moreover, it has a Noise-Isolating system and Track Volume Control, making itself during meeting calls or attending the call in chaotic areas.


  • Solid-build quality
  • IPx4 sweat and water resistant
  • Noise-isolating system


  • Overpriced

OnePlus Nord Buds 

Best TWS Under 3000
Best TWS Under 3000
Model NameTWS Nord
ColorBlue Agate
Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

The second earbud in our Best TWS Under 3000 list is also a reputable brand that has entered the TWS market none other than Oneplus. Oneplus Nord buds deliver bass and clear sound with comfort for long-time wear, making them suitable for workouts and outdoor use.

The OnePlus Nord Buds are also packed with a lot of features. It has 12.4 mm titanium drivers, which deliver deeper bass and crisp, clear sound. It also has a great battery life, lasting up to 30 hours on a single charge. With its ultra-fast charging system, you can charge your earbuds for 5-hour usage in just 10 minutes.

Furthermore, it also provides AI noise cancellation, IP55 water and dust resistance, and Oneplus fast paring unique feature, offering to connect with Oneplus 6 series Android version 11 and above in just a few seconds.


  • 12.4 mm titanium drivers
  • IP55 water and dust resistance
  • Oneplus fast paring


  • Cannot control the volume from ears

boAt Airdopes 511V2

Best TWS Under 3000
Best TWS Under 3000
Model NameAirdopes 511v2
ColorFurious Blue
Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

The boAt is a famous earwear brand in India that established itself as the superior manufacturer in the earwear and audio industry by providing one of the best and various wireless earbuds in the community. The boAt Airdopes 511V2, like other boAt products, gives its user an excellent performance with an elegant and dapper look.

Performance-wise, the boAt Airdopes 511V2 provides all the necessary features which we are looking for in our best TWS under 3000 list. You can seamlessly connect with your device with its 5.0 Bluetooth version and IWP (Insta Wake N Pair) Technology, allowing the earphones to power on and connect instantly when the carry case lid is opened.

The 511V2 has 30 hours of playback time, which means it can last 6 hours per charge and up to 24 hours with a carry case. It also has dual microphones, a voice assistant, and IPX4 sweat and water resistance.


  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • 30 hours total playback time
  • Voice assistant


  • For some users, the sound quality does not feel that good
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realme Buds Air 3S

Best TWS Under 3000
Best TWS Under 3000
Model NameBuds Air 3S
Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

Realme is another honorable brand known for offering budget-friendly products with good performance. For those looking the wireless earphones for gaming and a modern glimpse, the Realme Buds Air 3S will be the perfect choice for them to purchase.

These earbuds are filled with functions making them suitable for gamers, and it has quad-mic AI noise cancellation features, enabling their user to attend or make crystal clear calls in any environment. Its 11 mm liquid silicone triple titanium bass drivers deliver clear and better audio quality, a valuable feature for gamers.

Additionally, it has 30 hours of playback time, fast charging feature, dual device pairing, and Realme link app connectivity.


  • Triple titanium bass drivers
  • 30 hours of playback time
  • Dual device pairing


  • Build quality feels a bit cheap

JBL Wave Buds

Best TWS Under 3000
Best TWS Under 3000
Model NameWave
Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

JBL’s expertise in audio shines through the Wave Buds, delivering crystal-clear sound and powerful bass with the help of 8 mm dynamic drivers. It has an ergonomic and stick-closed design, allowing its user a comfortably wear them for long periods.

It has 32 hours of playback time which can last up to 8 hours on a one-time charge, and with the carry case, it can stand up to 24 hours. Another cool feature about these earbuds is that it has quick charging that charges 2 hours of playtime in just 10 minutes.

Smart Ambient technology helps its user focus on the surrounding while wearing these earbuds, and you can hear yourself and the people around you, making itself the best TWS under 3000.


  • IP54 water and dust resistance
  • Deep bass sound
  • quick charging


  • No ANC


This was the list of the best TWS under 3000 INR, offering an array of choices that deliver impressive sound quality, comfort, and convenience. Whether you seek active noise cancellation, water resistance, or seamless connectivity, these budget-friendly options have you covered.

So, pick your perfect TWS companion to enjoy music, calls, and more unrestrictedly.

Do we need to turn off TWS?

Yes, it is essential to turn off your TWS while they are not in use to save the battery of your TWS.

What does TWS stand for?

TWS stands for True Wireless Studios

How many hours does the TWS battery last?

The battery of TWS can last up to 6 to 8 hours on a single charge.

What are the types of earbuds?

There are mainly two earbuds: In-ear earbuds and Semi in-ear earbuds.

Which type of earbuds are better while playing sports?

Those who want to purchase earbuds while doing any activity or playing any sports can buy in-ear earbuds instead of Semi in-ear earbuds.

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