Valorant New Agent ISO: Master of 1v1 Arena

RIOT Games has officially announced ISO as the latest agent entering the Valorant universe with the launch of Episode 7 Act III. ISO’s extraordinary capabilities enable him to confine enemies with a contentious 1v1 through his unique and somewhat controversial ultimate ability.

Positioned as a resourceful Chinese contractor specialist, ISO taps into ambient energy throughout the map to craft defensive shields, erect protective barriers, and create spacious arenas tailor-made for one-on-one combat.

As a dedicated duelist, his kit is designed to eliminate enemies, offering minimal support for team-based strategies. At first glance, he appears to excel in individual combat.

Valorant New Agent ISO: Abilities

Within this blog segment, we will provide a concise overview of this agent’s abilities:

Double Tap

Valorant New Agent ISO
Valorant New Agent ISO

ISO’s E ability, known as “Double Tap,” allows him to acquire a protective shield capable of blocking a single source of damage.

To obtain this shield, you must eliminate the enemy or contribute to their elimination and shoot the floating target that materializes above the spot where they once stood.

This shield’s strength is such that it can even block formidable attacks like a Raze ultimate, making it a mighty asset in specific scenarios.


Valorant New Agent ISO
Valorant New Agent ISO

Iso’s C ability, called “Contingency,” enables him to gather prismatic energy, forming an impenetrable energy wall that effectively stops incoming bullets.

This unyielding barricade can be strategically deployed to provide battlefield protection and a tactical advantage.


Valorant New Agent ISO
Valorant New Agent ISO

ISO’s Q ability, known as “Undercut,” offers a straightforward yet valuable tool in his arsenal.

Using this ability, he can send a projectile in his designated direction, with the unique ability to pass through any obstacles.

Striking enemies with this projectile make them vulnerable for a brief duration, making them more accessible targets for elimination.

Kill Contract

Valorant New Agent ISO

Iso’s X ability, known as “Kill Contract,” readies an interdimensional arena.

When activated, you can launch a beam of energy across the battlefield, drawing you and the initial target struck into the hall, where a deadly duel unfolds between you and your rival.

This ability delivers a unique and high-stakes combat experience.

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