Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes: Game-Changing Revisions to Smokes

RIOT Games is set to introduce some significant changes in Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes, mainly focusing on the smokes, a pivotal game aspect.

Smokes are essential for obstructing the sidelines and creating strategic advantages, but the uncertainty of when they will scatter has frequently presented difficulties for players.

The development team made crucial Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes changes to solve this issue.

Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes

Changes in Smokes

Now, when smoke is generated by Astra, Brimstone, or Omen and has 1.5 seconds left before fading, a visual indicator and an accompanying sound will notify players. This update offers critical information regarding the remaining time of the smoke, helping the team to plan their tactics more efficiently.

This change appears advantageous because confronting dense smoke without indicating when it will disperse can be concerning, as it may dissipate just as you reposition, leaving you exposed.

Thanks to audio and visual cues, players will have a limited window to change their positioning and potentially catch opponents off guard. However, the efficiency of this approach will be revealed only after testing in real matches.

Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes

Audio Enhancement Update

Furthermore, the patch notes address an audio issue with the sounds generated by allies. Previously, equipping some abilities would cause audible audio cues to enemies and close allies. This has been fixed so your team’s actions, such as equipping weapons or abilities, remain silent. As a result, the only sounds you’ll hear are those of your opponents practicing their skills.

Premier Playoff Queue Improvements

Completing the Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes are several bug fixes and adjustments to the Premier Playoff Tournament queues. Teams will now have a 15-minute window to queue up and prepare.

After this period, all qualified teams will be divided into evenly dispersed brackets based on their Premier score. This change offers clubs with a better regular season record an advantage in the playoffs.

These modifications promise to make Valorant even more dynamic and strategic, and gamers are excited to see how they will affect the game.

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