Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine? Exploring the Causes and Solution

Have you ever wondered why your trusty laptop, which used to run so quietly, suddenly started taking off like a jet engine? If yes, do not stress about your device because you are not alone in the globe with this problem.

“Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine?” is a widespread query among people, and the main reason for this problem is overheating your device, not cleaning the laptop when required, and sometimes it can be due to the high usage of the GPU and CPU.

Read the full article to resolve the issue of your query, “Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine?” because we will discuss the causes that make your laptop so noisy and provide you with the solutions to run your device quietly once again.

So, without any further delay, let’s take off!

Explanations of Jet Engine Noise

Here are some causes that make your laptop sound like a jet engine are written following:

1. High GPU and CPU Usage

“Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine?” The leading cause of this problem is that the GPU and CPU are working at their maximum potential because of the demanding task that requires substantial processing power, such as video editing, high-end gaming, and running complex software.

The heightened activity generates heat and initiates the laptop’s cooling system in overdrive to prevent overheating. As the fan spins faster, the cooling system ramps up, creating a noise similar to a jet engine’s roar.

2. Background Processes

Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine

Specific background processes and applications can unknowingly consume necessary CPU resources, generating additional heat and intensifying the cooling system’s work. We can solve this by monitoring and managing these background apps and processes, which helps to reduce heat and noise levels.

3. Inadequate Ventilation

Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine

Placing laptops on soft surfaces like beds or couches can block the ventilation ports, limiting airflow and causing the cooling system to struggle. This restricted airflow causes the fans to operate more aggressively, which shows the characteristics of jet engine noise.

4. Dust and Dirt Accumulation

Why Does My Laptop Sound Like a Jet Engine

Over time, Laptops can accumulate dust and dirt, especially within the internal components and cooling system. This accumulation obstructs airflow and reduces the cooling system efficiency. As the cooling system struggles to maintain an appropriate temperature, the fan works harder, increasing noise levels. You can resolve it by cleaning the laptop regularly whenever you feel necessary.

Solutions to Resolve Jet Engine Noise

Why does my laptop sound like a jet engine

Here is the list of some solutions that will resolve this issue of laptops making jet noise:

  • Place your laptop on hard surfaces to allow proper airflow and prevent fan noise from blocked vents.
  • Use cooling pads with fans to enhance ventilation and reduce the strain on the internal cooling mechanism.
  • Clean the internal components to remove the dust and dirt for improved airflow and cooling efficiency.
  • Consider upgrading the RAM or storage to lighten the laptop’s cooling system strain.
  • Close the background applications to free up the CPU resources and prevent unnecessary heat generation.


These were some straightforward causes of the problem: “Why does my laptop sound like a jet engine?” You can fix this problem by following these easy solutions provided in this blog.

If these given solutions do not work, which means there is a problem with the internal components of your device, try contacting a technician and ask them to diagnose the problem.

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