Best Valorant Agents For New Sunset Map 2023

Valorant enthusiast, get ready to embark on a new tactical adventure in Episode 7, Act 2 unveils the brand-new battlefield “Sunset.” This map is a mid-control masterpiece offering fresh challenges for players seeking tactical dominance.

“Best Valorant Agents For New Sunset Map” This article will guide you through the best agents to play in this map to show your dominance against enemies without wasting time choosing suitable agents for yourself.

Whether you are a seasoned tactician or a casual player, join us to conquer Valorant’s newest map, Sunset, and etch your name in the gaming community.

Understanding the Map– Valorant Sunset

Minimap Sunset

The Valorant’s newest map sunset is the hometown of the Gekko, located in Los Angeles, and the second game map from the USA. It is a very straightforward map, which engages a lot of gunfights for the duelists to get control of the mid part of the map.

The Sentinels will also play an essential role in the map to win the battles against the enemies or to maintain the game flow because the map also features numerous angles and chokepoints. Teams must always watch their flanks; otherwise, flanks might derail any strategic play.

Valorant Duelists: Raze

Best Valorant Agents For New Sunset Map

Raze is one of the best duelists to go on with the Sunset because it has a lot of cheeky angles or places where the enemies can camp and catch you off guard, resulting in having an advantage over your team. Still, with the Raze ability ‘Paint Shells,’ you can quickly clear those angles or places.

With her second ability, satchels known as ‘Blast Packs,’ you can rush into the site and control the site if you combine her satchels with her ultimate ability, ‘Showstopper,’ allowing you to kill the enemies holding the place.

Valorant Initiator: Skye

Best Valorant Agents For New Sunset Map

Skye will be an excellent option for the Valorant Sunset Map because her flashes will assist you in gaining control of the areas you desire. At the same time, it will provide you with regular information about your enemies’ locations.

Furthermore, her ability, ‘Trailblazer,’ can travel long distances to clear different angles for your team to gain an advantage over the enemies in a fight by knowing their locations. Her ‘Seekers’ will reveal the location of the remaining opponents, allowing you to plan how you wish to go in the match, and she can heal her teammates.

Valorant Sentinel: Cypher

Best Valorant Agents For New Sunset Map

Sentinel will play a very important in the Valorant’s newest map Sunset, because it has a lot of chokepoints and is very easy to flank. Cypher will be the best pick for the players who love to play the sentinels. Cypher’s abilities, Tripwire, and SpyCam will give you much information and catch the enemies if they are flanking you.

Cypher’s ultimate will provide you with knowledge of the locations of other opponents, allowing you to choose a suitable area to rush to. Furthermore, if you have only one controller in your team, players can use his Cages as a smoke that will eradicate the need for a second controller.

Valorant Controller: Viper

Best Valorant Agents For New Sunset Map

Viper will be a handy controller in the Valorant Sunset map. With her abilities, players can easily control the whole Sunset map. Her Toxic Screen, a long poisonous wall, will assist you in blocking foes while you take angles to catch opponents off guard.

Snake Bite will also be a beneficial ability in this map, and players can use it in the Post-Plant phase of the round to defend the bomb before getting defused from a distance without revealing their positions.

Due to the small size of the sites, her Pit will engulf the entire site, making it challenging for opponents to compete for it. You can also use it to gain easier mid-control, which is one of the most significant aspects of the Sunset strategy.

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