Valorant Daydreams Bundle Leaks: All You Need to Know!

Bonjour Valorant Fans! You’ll be excited to know that Valorant’s new Daydreams bundle’s information has been leaked. And if this leak is accurate, you’ll be introduced to 5 exciting new weapons.

ValorLeaks initially introduced this leak. According to them, this bundle contains four weapon skins, one gun buddy, and one melee skin.

Expected Price of Daydreams Bundle

The Valorant Daydreams bundle is expected to be priced at 5100 Valorant Points i.e. approx $55. This price is based on previous released skin collection.

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New Weapon Names in the Bundle

  • Daydreams Phanton
  • Daydreams Operator
  • Daydreams Classic
  • Daydreams Gun Buddy
  • Daydreams Crowbar – Melee Weapon

Release Date of the Daydreams Bundle

The Daydreams bundle is expected to release on August 30, 2023. However, it’s still not yet the official announced date by Valorant. 

For now, you can stay tuned for the next update by officials. 

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